why did God create animals?

I’m not sure what it is tonight, but I’m feeling bummed.

Not about this week. We have baking, baking, baking to do and then–Sweetest Program of the Stinkin’ Century all weekend.

And not about next week. My sister and her hubby (and my almost-done-gestating niece) are getting here from South Carolina Saturday and staying for a week. SO MUCH FUN PLANNED.

It’s the week after Christmas that has me singing the blues. Last December 26th, we kicked our Christmas tree to the curb at 5:30am and headed south, south, south to gorgeous, sunny Florida. And had an amazing time at six fabulous zoos/animal parks. And saw so many stunning animals.

I miss them.

And I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why God created animals. I’m pretty sure He had more than a few reasons.

Look at some of these creatures. Study the details of their bodies for a second. What was going through God’s head when He designed each one? Just wow.

So tell me: why do you think God created animals?

16 thoughts on “why did God create animals?

  1. Ree

    Hi, I found this page when I asked my self this question the evening that my cat died wondering what was the point.

    I started to think about gods words in genesis and later on where the animals became the blood sacrifice for our sins and I came to the conclusion that animals have souls and that their purpose was to teach us responsibility. Sadly we failed and they became food and sacrifices and now to some, sport. I personally feel blessed that Jesus came to put an end to sin and sacrifices and now wish to overcome my need for animals as food.

    It all surely makes me think how I total misunderstood gods purpose.

    Thanks for helping me to see a bit more clearly the answers to all the questions I have had for so long that I had stopped asking because they seemed to hard to work through.

    God Bless

  2. Lisa H

    Certainly to show His creativity and to inspire us to be creative. I never tire of seeing that peacock picture! It is truly spectacular. Thank you for reminding me not to take God’s creation for granted.

  3. Sarah Montanye

    I like the comment about it being His creative outlet 🙂 He is the master creator is it amazes me the things HE designed. PS those photos are SSOOOO beautiful!

  4. Denise

    He created him because he’s good like that 😉 No in all seriousness I think it’s to show all of us that if he can created each animal with such specific details and characteristics, he can certainly create us the same way. Ya know!

    On a completely random note, where on EARTH do you get all your scrabble letters? Don’t tell you purchase a new scrabble game every time. I kind like that idea for gifts and may want to steal it!


  5. Krista

    The easy answer is “to display His glory.” And really, I think that’s what happens when you look at something as scientifically insignificant as a peacock and see all the marvelous detail… God is certainly amazing.

    But also so you can take these pics and post them for me to stare at instead of working this morning 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  6. Kelli

    It’s like asking an artist why he paints?

    God definitely needed a place for his creative outlet and MY how he created some beautiful masterpieces!!

  7. Ali

    You’re more than welcome to visit my house – it’s nothing but a a zoo over here lately. And you can even feed the animals. Well maybe the Henry, but I’m not sure about the Harper. And if you’re lucky, you can have the Jaeger.

  8. Karen

    I agree with all the above (except the eat’n them!) but want to throw out there that I think ‘In the beginning…’ the animals talked. That would be so cool. I think that’s why there is no apparent surprise to Eve when the serpent started to talk to her.

    Anyways, love the post and pics, Marla.

  9. Cheryl Pickett

    I agree with the because He could and to enjoy idea and to teach us about Himself. How can you look at animals and not see His compassion, caring, brilliance and, I agree with those who say, His sense of humor. 🙂

  10. Bethy

    I was going to say for His pleasure, too! Just by looking at those animals, these words come to mind:

    Looking at the animals give us a little peek at who God is–He’s not just some boring God ruling with an iron fist. He’s not just a dull, legalistic judge. We are created in His image and we like to laugh, we like to create, we like to be goofy, do things just because they’re fun and we enjoy them. I don’t have to stifle those desires or emotions–I can embrace them because God created me that way!

  11. Peter P

    Why WOULDN’T he?

    God loves seeing cool things. Why do pictures of nebula and other space stuff look so beautiful? Because God designed it all for his PLEASURE!

    Great post, Marla!!! I really like this one!

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