whirling dervish

Five points if you can name the movie and song I stole my title from. Ten points if you can sing it.

Whew. What a day.

Hold on a second. Gabe thinks he’s going to sit here on the couch beside me and read (and offer sarcastic commentary) while I write. I’m just going to wait with my fingers poised above the keys until he goes away.

This has been a fun three days. Niagara Falls. Buffalo Zoo. Then yesterday we headed to the Bronx Zoo with John, Kim and Conner. What a beautiful zoo. The rain held off (it just sprinkled a couple times), and we had a great time. The Congo Gorilla Forest was my favorite. And the baby giraffe, Margaret, running around the yard and repeatedly kicking a male peacock.

Then the eight of us piled back in our mini-vans and headed for Central Park. After a couple parking fiascos, we were finally on our way to the Central Park Zoo. It’s a tiny zoo but cute. We had a fun time, saw the darlingest baby snow monkey ever.

We had a couple hours left on our three-hour parking special, so we walked through Central Park. Then we looked up and… oh my word. Gabe Heaven. The Apple Store. He and John went into the shrine, while Kim and I took the kids to FAO Schwartz.

And I can hardly bear to admit what I did there.

I was feeling bad for always being such a tightwad mom. When the girls saw the candy section (FAO Schweetz), their eyes flew open, their jaws dropped, and I told them they could each get a baggy and pick out a few pieces of candy. If they each got a little under 1/4 of a pound, it would cost me $7 or $8. Absurdly expensive, but it’s not like they’d be back there in a million years.

$17.33. Seventeen dollars and thirty-three cents. I’m still not over it.

We headed back to the parking garage (in the rain), said good-bye to our new friends, and headed to… the Statue of Liberty. Survived a fiasco or two in the city. And held back tears when I realized that I left all my info about our hosts at home. I had no idea where Sarah lived or how to get ahold of her or when I told her we’d be there.

But I’m not going to go into all that, because I’ll cry. Bless Sarah’s heart. She was so gracious when we showed up after 9pm. She kept our supper (yummy shredded chicken) warm in the crockpot and had a delicious spread of loaded baked potatoes, veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, strawberry pie (!). We chatted with Dan and Sarah, played with little Cami, and Livi and Ava made bracelets (Sarah got them a bead kit and fun stuff to do in the car–so sweet).

The Philly Zoo was fun today. A beautiful zoo (once we got through some insane traffic and crazy, twisty roads). We saw (and heard) some giant tortoises making a baby (babies?). Oh my. It was loud. I loved listening to parents giving “alternative explanations” to their children. It’s freeing when your kids already know about the birds and the bees (and the tortoises). Wish I would have had a video camera.

After the zoo, we said good-bye to Sarah and Cameron, headed into Central Philly and saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. I need to brush up on my American history. When I was younger, I was quite the history buff. I’ve lost my touch.

Now we’re chilling with my cousin Johanna and her family just outside of DC. It seems strange to stay with people we’ve already met–and grew up with! And are related to! We’ll be up early and off to the DC Zoo in the morning. Then hopefully get a chance to walk around the city a bit.

This has been some crazy fun! God is so amazing. More details later.

Have a super weekend, friends!

9 thoughts on “whirling dervish

  1. Jen L

    I can’t believe no one guessed the movie/song that inspired the title of this post! It’s “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?” from The Sound of Music. Ten points for me! Glad you guys had fun in Philly. I should’ve warned you about the traffic, especially on Fridays…it’s definitely one of the things I don’t miss. LOL to the tortoises….you guys have managed to see some very, um, unique things in all your zoo travels! 🙂

  2. Kim

    Had a great time with you guys. Conner finished his candy by the time we got home. Took us 2hrs to get home, 1 hour to get out of the city. Hope you guys have a safe trip home. Glad to have a made a new friend! 😀

  3. Ali

    I love that you splurged on candy. I’m so much like you in that way. I couldn’t fathom buying anything at FAO – overpriced, brand new toys to clutter up this already cluttered home – ha! But candy? Well, now that is worth it!

  4. Lacey

    So, how exactly did you teach your little ones about the birds and the bees (and the tortoises)? I have four kiddos ages 4-1/2 and under, and we haven’t quite had that conversation yet!

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