Well, this is a little surreal. I’m upstairs at Jack and Kaye’s again, kneeling in front of Gabe’s laptop which is sitting on a coffee table (the only way I can see the screen after I’ve taken my contacts out), writing a blog post. It seems like just yesterday…

Ava just told me, “Remember a couple days ago when we stayed with Jim who has six dogs?” Me: “You mean the dogs you just played with this morning?” It seems like a lifetime ago we were at Elizabeth’s house. And Megan’s. And Amy’s. And Kaye’s. Oh, wait. We’re back at Kaye’s.

We decided to break up our trip to Memphis a little instead of doing the whole 11-hour deal tomorrow. We’re less than 6 hours from there now, I believe.

We had a great good day at the San Antonio Zoo. For the first time, the girls were pretty much done before we even walked through the gate. It was great to meet Emily and her beautiful family. We weren’t really our enthusiastic selves, but the nine of us still had fun together (well, baby Kirk slept through the whole thing). Our favorite part of the zoo was the new hippo exhibit. Those giant girls (boys?) came right up to the glass and smashed their faces at us. We got some great pictures. Our next favorite part was the butterfly exhibit–each of us got to wear a butterfly on our finger or arm. Livi had one land on her head. 

We ate lunch at Whataburger–a Texas-only (and very yummy) burger joint. Then we took a train ride (and about fell asleep). Then we met Melanie and Caroline for a little romp in the park. Mel brought the girls Fiesta popcorn–big hit. We saw a real live princess. The girls ran around while Melanie and I chatted about life and blogging and motherhood and San Antonio. She is every bit as sweet and delightful in person as she is on her blog. And she looked stunning (pics forthcoming). We could’ve chatted for hours, but it was 92 degrees, Caroline had t-ball practice, and we had a 7-hour drive ahead of us. Half-price drinks at Sonic, and we were on our way. Thanks for meeting us, Big Mama. You rock my world.

Dinner at Taco Cabana. With all these fabulous people feeding us, we were afraid we’d run out of time to sample some of this Texas fast(ish) food we’d heard so much about. Breakfast at TC, lunch at WB, dinner at TC. Quite a day.

Tomorrow we head to a hotel in Memphis and swim our brains out. (Pray for me.) Then up and at ’em Thursday for a day at the Memphis Zoo, a 9-ish hour drive home, and losing an hour as we cross time zones.

Can’t believe our trip’s almost over. Not sure how I’m going to process all of this. It helps that I’ve been able to blog from the road.

I feel so blessed to have met so many people this week–some I’ve followed online forever, some just a little while, some barely at all. They’ve all been so great. Question for you: If you could meet one (or two) people in real life that you only know (or know of) online, who would it be? And don’t say me–I beg you. Add a link to their blog if you’d like. 

Have a wonderful, whimsical Wednesday! I know I will, crammed in a mini-van for 6 hours with my darling family.

29 thoughts on “whew

  1. Kristen

    LOVE the color combo of your site!! I can’t get enough of it, and was specifically looking for a blue/turqoise typewriter. LOVE it! Glad you like the word project. It has been super fun to do!

    Happy road tripping!

  2. Amy

    I’d love to meet (did meet, but didn’t get to chat with) Melanie from the Big Mama blog. And Ree, The Pioneer Woman and Beth Moore and her girls. What a delight that would be!!

  3. Kim Webb

    All the blogs I follow I already know the people. But I just wanted to tell you we miss you soooo much and can’t wait to catch up once you get back.

    BTW – I think Kara now knows how to spell Nina. When we went to Move with Music she pointed out Nina’s name before she found her own.

  4. Emily Kay from SA, TX

    It was great meeting your beautiful family as well, Marla! Honestly your girls were amazingly well-behaved considering everything…I kept forgetting Nina was only 3, she acts like such a little lady! 🙂 Sorry we weren’t more entertaining…blame that on the cold bug (and my current state of sleeplessness thanks to the little man).

    I’d love to meet Jennifer Faulk and her family if I ever get the chance…they seem like such a neat little family!

  5. Bethany your sis

    I’d like to meet Joanne, from The Simple Wife. And Nixie!!! And I wish I could go to one of Pioneer Woman’s parties at her lodge and bake/cook things.

  6. Amanda

    Taco C twice in one day? That is impressive. I hope y’all have a great time in Memphis! I would like to gather all the bloggers in one place and get to spend lots of time with everyone. That would be so fun.

  7. Robin Purdy

    What a great question. I would love to meet you…when we move to Africa Lord willing I think you should start a safari trip and come visit us:) I would also like to meet Kelly at Kelly’s Korner and Angie Smith at Bring the Rain.

    Best wishes as you head home from a fabulous zoo trip!

  8. Mary

    Well since I already got to meet you…I’d say Angie from Bring the Rain and Big Mama. Oh and Pioneer Woman would be fun too!

  9. Joanne @ The Simple Wife

    Well, you. Duh. But that’s on hold after our super exciting plan for this summer. We’re moving to Phoenix. More on that on my blog. Wanna come to the Phoenix zoo?

    And, gee, I have so many real-life friends that I met on line who are just amazing that I have to say EVERYONE. How’s that for a specific answer.

    Definitely Susan and Melissa and Rachel and Beth and Melissa and Holly and, well, you get the picture and I’m too lazy to link.

    I’m thinking heaven will have a neighborhood just for blog buddies so we can run across the street whenever we feel like in our jammies and spend the day chatting and laughing and crying the good kind of tears.

    So, in the words of Mister Rogers, Won’t you be my neighbor?


  10. Tara

    I’m so stoked that you had a Whataburger. It is my very favorite place to go 🙂 And not fair because I would totally pick you as one but… two others would be Big Mama because she cracks me up like no other and Amanda at Baby Bangs because we are in the exact same lifestage this very moment! 🙂

  11. Mary

    Woohoo you experienced Whataburger!! Man do we love that place around here–just discovered there is a new one going up about 2 minutes from our house and I couldn’t be more excited. Love their ketchup. 🙂 Um, if I could meet one person I’d have to say Kelly (Kelly’s Korner) would be such fun. I’d have said you but you said not to. Ha!

  12. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    Oh, girl. I am exhausted for all of you.

    Well, since I’ve already gotten to meet you (hooray!), and I am planning to meet Elizabeth (Finding Him Bigger) next month, I have to say the ones I want to meet in real life would have to be Gretchen from Lifenut and Amy from MomAdvice/The MotherLoad. But oh my, there are so many, so many more face I would love to see and voices I would love to hear in REAL LIFE. 😉

  13. Carrie

    Well, since I’ve already MET you in real life…hmmm… I would definitely say Antique Mommy…and Denise from Meandering Mommy Land – I feel like I’ve met her, but actually I haven’t!!!

  14. gitz

    only one or two? I don’t think I can limit myself. How about two “get-togethers” for two groups of friends who’ve all gotten to know each other?

    One group would have Jessica [http://jessicaturnersblog.blogspot.com], Angie [http://audreycaroline.blogspot.com/], Brandi [http://brandiandboys.wordpress.com/], Tam [http://kassota.wordpress.com/], Mandy [http://mandythompson.com/]

    The other would have: Vicky [http://thewestraworld.blogspot.com/], Robin [http://robinrane.wordpress.com/], Anita [http://mudandcoffee.blogspot.com/]

    Of course, since I don’t leave the house and all… they’d have to come to me. 🙂 And since I can’t cook worth a darn, they’d also have to go pick up take out every night … but oh my heavens we would have fun 😀

  15. Marla Taviano

    I’m sorry too, Sandi! Not getting to meet you was the ONLY disappointment of the entire trip. And it was a BIG one. Love you, friend! Praying for you as you look after your family! We WILL meet someday–promise!

  16. Sandi

    Fine. I know your rule. I’m crying as I write this, after an impossibly hard day. I would most like to meet Marla Taviano, who blogs at marlataviano.com. I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there to love on your girls and get to know Gabe and to hug your neck. Really, really sorry. I’m sorry that we didn’t get to take y’all to Alamo Cafe’ or Los Barrios.

  17. Amber

    They have Whataburgers in Florida. At least they did a couple of years ago.

    If I could meet someone that I only know online in person, I think I’d meet David (done). I’d want to meet Jud and Sara and Kelly and all the kids (at the same time). And Clark. All from Xanga, but I think you know Jud, Sara, and Kelly… and I’m too lazy to link to Clark.

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