well, that was fun.

We’re home safe and sound. Everything’s unpacked and put away.

We’ve got stories. And pictures. Many, many much pictures.

And I gained 5 pounds (!!!). You’d think that would’ve been impossible with the hundreds of miles we walked, but everyone fed us like royalty, and we snacked waaaay too much in the van. Ugh.

I might pop in later with some photos. Otherwise, I’ll be recovering for 20 minutes or so and then gearing up for our next trip.

And a Zoo Party! Don’t forget to RSVP if you can come!

Happy Monday!

7 thoughts on “well, that was fun.

  1. Missy

    5 pounds, 5 schmounds. I hear you can add 5-6 lbs just in water weight from eating more salty stuff than usual. And you’ve been travelling…that always throws your system for a loop. I’m sure that’s all it is. 🙂

    Glad your back and everything went well! Looking forward to pics!

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