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It seems like a lifetime ago that we showed up at Elizabeth’s Oklahoma doorstep, devoured her to-die-for poppyseed chicken, chilled with the fam, then headed to the Tulsa Zoo. It was actually two weeks ago today. Before I tell you all about falling in love with Elizabeth and her darling brood, let me give you an overview of how these zoo posts are going to go.

I’ll share some pics and some brief details, but I can’t give out too much, or I’ll have nothing saved back for the book. That would stink, huh? Juicy details coming your way, bound and printed, sometime in 2010.

And before I forget–Matt Gleason, feature writer for the Tulsa World, met us at the zoo, interviewed us, and the article appeared in Sunday’s paper. So fun! You can read it here. Thanks, Matt!!

So, I knew instantly that I would love Elizabeth, and we had some really neat talks, and her blog is really cool–fun, real, sweet. I know you’ll like it. Here’s the post she wrote about our visit. and a neat post she wrote later called “We’re All Important.”

Love you, Elizabeth! Thank you for opening your home, your heart, and your bag of Chick-Fil-A minis!

Our 25th pic in front of a zoo sign.

Chilling with E’s fam.

E and the darling baby of the family.

Cutest little show-off baby chimp ever.

Cutest little boy EVER. I must have him for Ava.

I heart giraffes.

Picnic lunch. E’s sweet friend Marina came with 2 of her 3 little boys.

Gabe hearts tigers. (I do too.)

Our first (and yours?) collared peccary.

Marina, Elizabeth and me. Love these girls!

And there you have it! Zoo #25–The Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum. And a special thank you to Angela Evans, PR and Marketing Coordinator for the Tulsa Zoo, who welcomed us so warmly–and showered us with tickets, train and carousel rides, Tulsa Zoo ball caps for Gabe and me and stuffed lemurs, magnetic puzzles and Tulsa Zoo bracelets for the girls. Thanks, Angela!!

Oklahoma City Zoo and Megan coming tomorrow! Have a great Monday!

10 thoughts on “the tulsa zoo

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  2. Angela Evans

    I’m so delighted you and your lovely family enjoyed our Zoo! Anytime you are in our neighborhood, do let me know. We’d love to have you visit again!

    Angela 🙂

  3. Elizabeth

    I loved seeing the pictures of your time in T-Town! That’s what we call it, you know:) Our zoo may not be the fanciest, but we definitely have the friendliest polar bear, right?

    Seriously, we loved having you all! We have talked often about your family and about all the fun things we’ll do when we come to Columbus. I’ve told A that we’re coming! There’s just nothing like actually being in someone’s home and eating poppyseed chicken with them.

    Reading this post makes me all nostalgic. Good thing that next year I’ll get to read all about it in an actual BOOK! Cannot wait!

  4. Kim Webb

    love the pics. Hey could you get the recipe from Elizabeth for the “to-die-for poppyseed chicken”? Sounds good to me. Can’t wait to see you Wednesday.

  5. Missy

    Love the baby chimp…and what in the world is a collared pecawhatever? Looks like a hedgehog pig to me. 🙂

    Is your book going to have a picture section in it? You guys have some fabulous pictures!!!

  6. Sarah Parsons

    I’ve so loved reading about your zoo adventures and each person that you met and stayed with on this past trip. As I read your post this morning, I was looking forward to seeing your bright, colorful zoo pictures. Then I realized that I know Elizabeth from college! How crazy is that!? My husband and I went to college with her and her husband. I now have “It’s a Small World” running through my head.

  7. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    Gorgeous shots, all of them! I can’t wait to meet Elizabeth next week – and hopefully our families can hang out sometime very soon. She is one of the most authentic, real, and friendly bloggers I’ve met yet!

    Are you getting some rest? I hope this week provides lots and lots and lots of recovery and restoration time for each of you.

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