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The National Zoo in D.C. is FREE! But we’ve gotten into all the zoos for free, and we paid more to park at NZ than we did at any other zoo (besides Central Park). Bumma. We stayed with my cousin Jo and her family in VA for two nights (thanks soooo much, guys!), and they joined us at the zoo. Fun times!

Very cool sign. I’m thinking of having one made for our front yard.

The King of Beasts.

Miniature replica of the King of Beasts, a.k.a. Golden Lion Tamarin.

D.C. is one of only four zoos with giant pandas. After San Diego, we’ll have seen them all. Can I just say that I’m soooooo glad it’s not GIRAFFES that can only be found at four zoos? Can you imagine?

Some very fashionable horses. The zebra stripe is all the rage this season. Or so they tell me. I wear the same four solid-colored shirts o’er and o’er.

A little elephant pedicure. I couldn’t believe how STILL she was standing.

Just us girls. Apparently Baby M is camera shy. Or else it was just too much work to see over the Snugli.

And because we don’t consider it a Real Day unless we’ve driven at least 500 miles or walked at least 10, we headed into D.C. to show the girls some history.

Please ignore my Farmer’s Tan. And sweat stains.

One of my favorite pictures from the day.

Another one of my favorites.

This is a fitting picture for a three-year-old who desperately wants to be big. She spent the day with Gabe today. They took our van to Lima for Gabe’s uncle (a mechanic) to give it a physical before our Big Road Trip. Nina hung out with Grandma and picked raspberries with Papaw and Daddy. They got Beer Barrel Pizza and came home with leftovers (yum!). AND a bucket of raspberries. AND a homemade raspberry pie! AND a check for our Zoo Fund.

Thanks, God, for spoiling us via our loving family! We are soooo blessed!

Janelle painted Nina’s fingernails and toenails and French-braided her hair. Nina was brushing her teeth tonight, turned to me and said, “Can I wear my toenails to bed?” God love her. Grandma Marilyn’s (Janelle’s mom) favorite line.

God love all of you too! Happy Tuesday!

8 thoughts on “the national zoo

  1. Allen Nyhuis

    Always enjoy your updates. Your expenses at the National Zoo sound right — free admission, expensive parking. Did you happen to see any of the orangutans high above on the “O-Line”?

    So glad you’re not “just” seeing zoos, but also taking in important sites, like the DC monuments.

    Allen Nyhuis, Coauthor: America’s Best Zoos

  2. Kim Webb

    Love the pictures. And yes Kara has if she can keep her toenails on all the time. Love you guys – miss you guys!

  3. jennikim

    The photos are great!! I don’t think I saw the animals that crisp and clear when we were there in real life! You guys sure have an eye for photography! 🙂

  4. mary

    You were close to our oldest(in VA). Wonder if we would have time to add the zoo to our to do list for when we visit them in late July?

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