the caldwell zoo (tyler, tx)

We had a delightful visit at the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, Texas a couple Fridays ago. The zoo is beautiful, the staff is darling, and the animals are awesome. Pics below, but first a few words about our night before the zoo.

I got a little choked up the last time I tried to blog about Jack and Kaye. And I know Kaye doesn’t want me to keep gushing about her, but well, this isn’t Kaye’s blog now, is it? This is Kaye’s blog. And this is the post Kaye wrote about our visit to their home (complete with a pic of my children doing laundry). And this is the post her beautiful step-daughter Mary Katherine wrote. And oh, all these links are wearing me out.

Something magical happened while we were at Jack and Kaye’s house. God showed up, and He made Himself known. Not that He didn’t do that everywhere we went, but wow–we left Mt. Pleasant, Texas shaking our heads and saying, “You’re unbelievable, Lord. Un-bee-lee-vuh-bull!” Rocked our world.

I’ll be blogging more about Kaye and Krew. 1.) because we stayed with them again on our way to Memphis and 2.) because Kaye is the genius behind Engraved Euniques, those stunning personalized tiles you’ve seen all over the blogosphere. Places like BooMama’s and Big Mama’s and Bring the Rain. And Lifeway! (the Lifeway thing is super cool) And I’ll be giving away one of her beautiful tiles, personalized for one lucky winner (!!) next week (or so) right here on my bloggy.

So, hey, here are some pics of our time with Jack and Kaye, followed by our day at the Caldwell Zoo.

Chatting over breakfast after a late night of… chatting. So much to talk about!

Jack pretended to be tough, but he didn’t fool us girls for a minute.

Kaye, one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met.

Zoo # _____. Somebody help me out! I’ve lost count!

I’m 80% sure these are spoonbill storks. Man, I’m slacking.

Squirrel monkeys. Spunky little things.

The ball had a hole in it, if you’re wondering how he did this.

Queen of Beasts.

White tigers = cool. White tigers with hardly any stripes = wicked cool.

Hats off to the crazy awesome staff at the Caldwell Zoo. They were so excited to see us! And take our picture! And “52 Zoos! Wow!” “You ROCK!” one young man said. “You should be on a TV show!” said another. It was fun.

It’s not too late to enter the BIG give-away! (contest ends Tues at noon) Up tomorrow–the Houston Zoo! Have a great Monday, friends!

11 thoughts on “the caldwell zoo (tyler, tx)

  1. stacey

    oh no! i should have stayed more alert to your schedule, then i would not have missed your stop in mt pleasant! it would have been fun to meet you after reading about your stop at megan’s! best wishes!

  2. Kaye

    Great pictures from the Tyler Zoo, thanks so much for sharing. And thanks for the sweet (far too sweet) comments on being here with us:)
    Miss you all.
    Matthew 21:22

  3. Mary Katherine

    Fun pictures…but I must tell you this…

    We use your line, “Jack (or Dad) you already told us that!” ALL the time and love it.

    He has now come up with the reply, “OK, I just wanted to make sure you had that information.”

    Thanks for helping us out on that!

  4. Missy

    Leah has been loving seeing all of your zoo pics! 🙂 (Can I say that? Loving seeing)?

    For a minute there I felt a sense of panic when I saw the caption about the storks. It was one of those – wait, those things really exist? They’re not in the same class as unicorns? Unbelievable. All I ever knew about them was that they brought babies in big blanket bundles. Phew. Glad you introduced me before I really embarassed myself. 🙂

  5. Elizabeth

    Your family would make an awesome television show. I totally agree with the Tyler guy.

    I think we’re going to visit the Tyler zoo this summer, and I want to see those tigers. Amazing!

    Don’t bother with the tile giveaway. Just send one to me! I have been wanting one forever!

  6. gitz

    I wonder if the spoon-billed stork is the one that delivers the rich children to families. You know, the ones that are born with a silver spoon in their mouths?

    Yes, my imagination runs wild sometimes.

  7. Leigha

    I LOVE the Caldwell zoo! I grew up near Tyler, Texas and we went to the zoo several times a year. It used to be free!
    Love the pictures!

  8. Martha

    Hey Marla.. I love you and your family.
    Your writing is so precious
    Gabe’s photographs are wonderful

    My life has been enriched by knowing you all and maintaining our relationship via the internets

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