sniff, sniff

I have to admit I felt like crying a little when we crossed the Texas/Arkansas line. I can’t really put a finger on it, y’all, but Texas did me in (Oklahoma, too–love you, Elizabeth and Megan!). I think I left a little piece of me in all those cities, and I’m not so sure I know what to do about it.

Coming to you live from Memphis, Tennessee in my pajamas in the hotel lobby since the internet isn’t working in our room. It’s mildly annoying but probably God’s way of saying GO TO BED. Mostly when He allows little (and big) troubles in my life, He’s saying either, “Just a little something to grow you, girl.” Or, “Got something better up my sleeve, girl.”

I’m learning to accept His plan from the get-go and with minimal complaints.

The girls had a blast swimming. Me? Well, I like outdoor pools. With the sun beating down on me. While I’m lying on a raft. And have no little ones to keep a constant eye on. But, hey, I owed it to my girlies. I’m living a lifelong dream (okay, one I’ve had since August), and they’re making it possible. Overall, they have been sooooo good on this trip. And so much fun. I love that they each have their own peculiar sense of humor. We sure are a family that likes to laugh.

Memphis Zoo in the morning. Woohoo!! They have giant pandas–one of only four zoos in the country that have them. Can’t wait! After the zoo, we’ll make the 9-hour trek home. Please pray for Gabe as he drives. He’s been so great on this trip. My hero.

I’m hoping to formulate a blogging plan for when we return home. I really want to share pictures of each and every zoo and all the people we met, but my goodness, that’ll take awhile. I think we have close to 3,000 photos from our trip. I also want to do some give-aways. So I might intersperse some picture posts with some give-aways and give my normal blabber-posts a rest for a bit.

If you’re one of my give-away people, contact me and let me know if you’re ready to give away your stuff.

As for the rest of you, a little favor. I’d love to know if there are certain pictures you’d like to see from our trip. I don’t plan on posting all 3,000, and it sure won’t be easy to pick and choose. So, if something stood out in your mind from reading about our adventures and you’d like to see a pic of it, please let me know.

A pic of Nina petting a tiger. A pic of me riding a hippo. A pic of Gabe kissing a dachshund.

Or maybe a photo we actually have. Me riding a Segway. Livi petting a dolphin. All of us sliding down the stairs on a mattress.

Let me know what you’d like to see, and I’ll do my best (which is a relative term) to accommodate you. Have a great Thursday!! Next time I post will be from Home, Boring Home!

10 thoughts on “sniff, sniff

  1. Kelli

    When I was reading, I missed crucial parts of this post. I just yelled to Chris, “MARLA GOT TO RIDE A HIPPO!” And as the words were coming out of my mouth, I realized how ridiculous that sounded. We would love to see pictures of the girls at Sea World!

  2. Denise

    I want to see you riding a segway! That has too be awesome! I want to see the giant pandas, ooo and the dolphin. Ok, maybe I should come over and just look at them all some day! I want to see all of them! 🙂 Glad your trip went well!

  3. jess

    i have something to give away!! a pro-life t-shirt i’ve been working on….but, it’s not actually in existence yet. just the design…gotta go to the printers soon (but waiting for my mom to be available to go /w be b/c she’s got connections.)

  4. Elizabeth

    It’s ok, Marla. I know that Texas is WAY better than Oklahoma (in some ways at least), which is why we’re moving there as soon as A gets a job in a city we love. At least if that’s God’s plan. I too am learning to accept his plan from the get-go, I’m just a little slow at it!

    I for one want to pics of your kiddos with my kiddos, since I never saw any of the ones you took. Just please make sure that my living room looks picked up in them!

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