sittin' on the dock of the bay

Well, technically it’s a pool in the backyard, but it sure is beautiful. Nothing beats a cool, crisp, sunny San Antonio morning, lounging with a laptop by a rippling pool with yapping dogs. Actually, they don’t yap much at all. They’re sweet and fun, and little BC (short for Buttercup) is curled up on my lap as I type. She’s my special buddy, and Ava is thrilled that I actually like a dog for once. Not that I don’t like dogs; I just don’t feel the need to adopt one. I might make an exception for BC, but she actually belongs to Wes and Jenn.

We had a wonderful day yesterday. Slept in until 7:00, played with the dogs, headed to the Alamo. And here’s the part where I admit that I had no idea what happened at the Alamo. I know I knew once, but it’s escaped me. I used to be a big history buff. Not sure what happened. I also used to be a sports nut. And a packrat. And a craft-happy soul. Yeah, none of that appeals to me anymore.

Now I like to write, sleep and feed giraffes.

The Alamo was beautiful, and I hope to come back after I brush up on what it’s all about. Then we went down to the River Walk. Super pretty. (Dolly, get off my laptop! Silly dog!) Thousands of chairs set up for the big parade last night. We ate at a little Tex-Mex joint. Fun and yummy.

Came back to Jim and Sandi’s and the girls swam (brrrr!) and played with the dogs. Then we headed 20 minutes north to visit my old college buddy Kristie, her husband Jeff, and their kiddos Bella and Hunter. I hadn’t seen Kristie since my wedding in 1998. We had such a wonderful time! Kristie pulled out old college photo albums. Oh. My. Word. What a hoot! We were rolling. Jeff is a really great guy, and our kids got along swimmingly. I even did laundry and got the girlies bathed and showered before we headed back to Jim and Sandi’s. Kristie’s parents live in Ohio, so hopefully we can see each other the next time they’re visiting family. Kristie is the first person I’ve met in TX that I’ve actually seen before in real life. 

And we had the world’s best tacos. Yum-o!

We’re leaving here for the zoo in a bit. Stopping at Taco Cabana for breakfast, because we’ve heard everybody rave about their breakfast tacos. Meeting a blog friend Emily at the zoo with her hubby and kiddos. Then meeting someone fun later this afternoon. 

And my battery died, so I had to come inside to publish this. Off to the zoo! Can’t believe we’ll back in Ohio in 2 days. Craziness.

Happy Tuesday!!

4 thoughts on “sittin' on the dock of the bay

  1. Donita

    Those Texans are crazy about their Taco Cabana. Long story short: I drove two days from Arizona to Houston with a friend who was moving. Upon arrival, we had to immediately eat at Taco Cabana while my friend sang the jingle…a very catchy jingle I might add.
    Not that I’m complaining! Any place I can get a taco, I’m good!
    And since we’re talking about food, we had to go to Shipleys the next day! Good thing they sell half dozen boxes since there were only two of us!

  2. Tara

    Looks like ya’ll are having a blast! I have enjoyed reading all your fun times 🙂 Dern it I wish I would have had the energy to drive on up to San Antonio to see you guys. And you get to spend some time with BigMama!! You lucky duck you. Ya’ll are gonna have some fun laughs I am sure! You and you fam deserve this fab trip Marla! Blessings!!

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