pics and a favor

Marla and Ava with Ilana
This is my second time riding one of these jobs. Last time I swore I’d never do it again. This time I MEAN IT. Oh, the horror.

Marla and Nina riding camel
My 2nd time riding a camel. I will ride as many camels as I can. Not the least bit frightening. Nina’s first time. She LOVED it.

Two bald eagles
I love animals, but I mostly don’t consider birds to be animals. I just can’t bring myself to be fond of them, but Gabe loves to photograph eagles, and this pic is pretty cool.

Daddy an Livi on coaster
Thanks to free ride wristbands, Livi rode this no less than 10 times.

Log ride
Nina got on this ride by the bun on her head. Heading up the huge hill, I could only think, “What have I done to my sweet baby?” She survived. She was smiling. She does not, however, want to ride one at the next zoo.

Handsome little guy.

Nina touching stingray
Petting a stingray. I think this one might have been a baby. They were so cute.

Livi and Ava riding camel
Ava and Livi riding Hank.

Cheetahs are cool. Rumor has it there are two new baby cheetahs at the C-bus Zoo. We might go tomorrow. 🙂

And the favor–if you know of anyone in leadership in a ministry that works with moms, pregnant girls, or anything related that could benefit from Expecting, could you give me their name, address and ministry? I’m looking for people to add to my “influencer” list. My publisher will send them a free copy of the book. So, pregnancy decision centers, Teen MOPS groups, ministries at your church, anything. THANKS!

Gabe and I are speaking on a First Seven Years of Marriage Panel at our old church tonight.We did it last year, too, and it was a lot of fun. We get to tell people how we’ve screwed up and give suggestions for how they can avoid it.

Have a great weekend, friends!

13 thoughts on “pics and a favor

  1. Anonymous

    What kind of camera do you have?  Our family is shopping for a new one and your’s takes such good pictures!  We just moved to this area in August (kinda near Lima, OH), but I can check with our church leaders to see if there is a ministry that you can send your book to and get plugged in with.  Been following your blog and life journey for a couple of months now and really enjoy your meaningful and thought-provoking posts. 

  2. jbnygaard

    My church’s MOPS group:

    Ebenezer Mennonite Church
    c/o MOPS
    8905 Columbus Grove Rd.
    Bluffton, Ohio 45817

    Have you ever been skiing before? I know a lot of people don’t like those ski lifts. They are a bit frighting….especially the ones withOUT the bar infront of you.

  3. rocknnell

    Shawnee Alliance Church   – 4455 shawnee rd.  lima 45806   attn. Sandy Rufener  ( womens ministry – Shawnee Alliance)

    Lorrie Lampton – 2843 Chapel Hill Dr. Lima  45805   ( nazarene mops )

  4. jessyomama

    OH MY WORD! i know this has nothing to do with your blog, but i just got in the mail what i will make my beautiful nieces for next x-mas! woohoo! oh they are cute! 🙂

  5. setapart1979

    Your pictures make me look forward to zoo adventures with Miss Kyrie when she gets older!  Cheetah’s, eagles & camels… so fun!  Praying for open hearts for the people hearing your marriage talk.

  6. lites4Him

    🙂 Love the First Seven Years of Marriage Panel idea!! What a great idea. Praying that (as always) you’ll bless those listening to you and (again as always) that Jesus will use you to touch hearts for Him!

  7. mommabear72

    Hi!  I am the ministry coordinator for our church’s pregnancy clinic ministry “Every Heart Beat Counts” and I would love to have your book to read and share with others.  I could also post a review on my blog.  I mostly have family that follows my blog, but I post my updates on Facebook, too.  Just let me know.  My name is Marlen Hall and my address is 201 Ferndale Avenue, Glen Burnie, Maryland, 21061.  Thanks!  

  8. YoGrandmaYo

    “We get to tell people how we’ve screwed up and give suggestions for how they can avoid it.”:)  That’s EXACTLY why so many people can relate to you!  “Humble yourself before the Lord and HE will lift you up.”:)  Love you!:) 

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