p is for preggo and puppies

And for all the “poo on you”s I’m going to hear for such a misleading title. No, the preggo is not me. And no, neither are the puppies. Sorry.

I’m hopping back on the Zoo Wagon in an attempt to catch up on my Tales o’ Texas before our next big trip. Speaking of that, I had a little freak-out moment yesterday when I realized that we only have 2.5 months left before August 1–and 20ish zoos to go. EEK! Believing God, believing God, believing God…

Two quick business items before I get to the Preg and the Pups.

1. If you live in/near one of the following cities and want to meet us at the zoo (or invite us to crash your home), let me know! I know a few of you east-coasters talked to me awhile back, but feel free to refresh my memory. Here are the cities: Chicago, Milwaukee, Battle Creek (MI), DC, Baltimore, Philly, Bronx, Buffalo, San Diego, LA, St. Louis, Omaha, Wichita, Kansas City. (I think I forgot a couple…)

2. I can’t give any concrete details yet, but we’re tentatively planning our big #52 Zoo Bash for August 1 at the Columbus Zoo. We’d LOVE for as many people as possible to be there to celebrate with us. Here in a bit, we’ll have an RSVP form on the Zoo Site, so we can make sure we have room/food for everyone.

So, I believe my last TX post was the Houston Zoo (Saturday, April 19). We drove from Kelli’s to Mary’s and arrived just in time for a delicious lasagna dinner. Yum! Seth and Mary took their dogs to a sitter, because they didn’t know how my girls would feel about being jumped on. Ava was so bummed.  But Mary was plenty entertaining, right Mare? Seriously, she’s the cutest little pregnant thing. Baby Boy is due in October, and any day now she should be looking more pregnant than me (and no, I’m not pregnant).

If you are pregnant and like to read fun blogs written by other gals who are expecting, you have to check out Mary’s blog. She cracks me up. I can’t really describe her humor–a little dry, a little twisted, and a whole lot funny. Here’s her post about our visit.

We played games, made ice cream (Blue Bell!!) sundaes, and then chatted for a long time after the girlies went to bed. Thanks so much, Seth and Mary! You’re great! And you’re going to be WONDERFUL parents!

And I’m going to skip Sea World (where we went Sunday) for now and jump right to Sunday night. We found out as we were leaving Sea World that Sandi, our San Antonio hostess, had to take an emergency trip to CA rightthatminute. Her mom’s brother was dying, and her mom couldn’t make the trip alone. We were SO bummed to miss Sandi, but her hubby Jim did a great job of playing make-shift host. Sandi, you would have been so proud of him! And someday we will meet you!

The girls could have stayed at Jim and Sandi’s for weeks. A pool and six little dogs. Does it get any better than this? I was in love with their antique signs everywhere. (Old! Words!) And the room filled with Japanese stuff (their son Wes and DIL Jenn lived on Okinawa for awhile and knew some of the same folks I met while student teaching there). And their gorgeous couches and beautiful tile floors and yummy coffee and… sigh.

Thanks so much, Jim and Sandi, for opening your home to us and lavishing us with love and goodies!

If you like big black-and-white whales and rare Pacific white-sided dolphins, be here tomorrow (same time, same place) for Swirly Saturday–Sea World Edition!

Have a great weekend, friends! Love you much-es!

12 thoughts on “p is for preggo and puppies

  1. Cheryl Armstrong

    Marla, I found your site some time ago and enjoy reading your posts. I have family near Columbus and love the zoo there. I’ve been to Sea World a few times in my younger days in Columbus. My family lives about 2 hours away from DC but have several smaller zoo’s within an hours drive if you are interested. Another small world connection, our church gives expecting mothers a gift basket prior to her due date. It includes a book, a stuffed animial, an outfit, and other odds n ends. My mom helps put these together and she showed me a new book they are considering putting in the baskets and it is yours, Expecting. Congratulations.

  2. Denise

    Drew’s parents would love to have you stay with them when you go to Buffalo…and Parker and I would love to tag along if there is room?! Let us know, but I am sure if nothing else, we can get you in touch with Pete and Angela and you can work out the details.

  3. Sarah

    Hey Marla!
    Any idea on dates you’ll be coming to the North East? We live a little over an hour from both the Bronx and Philly (we’re in central New Jersey). We’re going away a bunch this summer so if we weren’t around when you are coming I’m sure I could hook you up with someone from our church that you could stay with. Let me know!

  4. Mary

    I wish my husband would have combed his hair before that picture 🙂 YEA! Wish we lived in the Northeast so you could stay with us again!

  5. krisha Fansler

    oh yeah, I forget to mention. Dave’s aunt lives in Philly and I have a cousin right outside of DC. Let me know if you want hooked up!

  6. krisha Fansler


    We are only about 1 hour from Battle Creek and you know we would LOVE to have you here and join you at the zoo. If you feel like being 1 hour from the zoo is too far, I have an awesome friend in Kalamazoo, which is closer to Battle Creek and I am sure she would love to have you too!!!

  7. Ashley P

    I can probably hook you up with housing in Battle Creek, and depending on when you go, we might be able to join you… let me know when you’re planning to go and I’ll see what I can do to get you somewhere to stay (my entire family lives in BC). And, I might be able to hook you up for Philly, too… my bro and sis-in-law live 30 mins from the airport in DE.

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