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Well. I can honestly say I have NEVER had a day like today. No words for the craziness (somebody told me google has 350+ stories about 52 Zoos). If you were keeping up on facebook or twitter, I almost feel like I owe you an apology. And if you weren’t and want all the juicy details now, I owe you an apology too, because I don’t have the oomph to go through it all again.

I’m just sorry all across the board.

If you care about all the news stories and radio interviews and such, click on the links above to follow us in Social Network World.

When I’m too tired to think, I default to Zoo Reviews. Here’s #41, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, also known as our first of 11-Zoos-in-15-Days from July 10-24.

Now every time I see a pic of us in front of a zoo sign, I’m going to think about the article that said “the Taviano family claims to hit 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks.

I posted another pic of this little jaguar a couple days ago. I could’ve eaten him, he was so cute! And in a week (ish) we’re going to take a little trip back to the Akron Zoo (Zoo #2 on our Tour) because they have THREE four-month-old jaguar cubs. I’m hoping to bring one home with me.

Okay, whoever (wink) designed this stunning creature is a GENIUS.

I’ve got a thing for waterfalls.

Awww… look at the cute, sleepy little polar bear.

Two bird pics in one post. What has come over me?

I thought this was a fun view of P. Bear.

The enormous Desert Dome is way impressive. Too bad I’m mad at the desert (how hard is it to install a gas pump out there, really?). And too bad there’s not a single animal in the desert that I even like. A bit.

I think this beauty is a leopard. I have no idea what the difference is between a leopard and a jaguar. Usually I just instinctively “know.” So if this isn’t a leopard, I must just instinctively “not know.”

And that’s the zoo in a nutshell. Lots more to come in El Booko. Thanks for all your prayers, friends! For wisdom, strength, courage, provision and grace as we navigate our way through the wonderful world of Zoo Aftermath. Love you guys!

16 thoughts on “omaha's henry doorly zoo

  1. Lisa H

    Love the picture of the peacock. Thanks, Marla 😉 The peacock will forever be a reminder for me to pray for lost friends.

    Said a prayer for you this morning. Rejoicing with you about all the press coverage–wow! Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  2. Deborah

    Three more things in common! (Although I know this isn’t the correct post!) 🙂 1. Waterfalls are amongst my most favorite things. I build dams when I can’t build waterfalls and I build dams all the time. 2. Love, love, love peacocks! 3. Josh and Liz Fronduti! When I clicked on the link to your church from the morning’s post, I saw Josh in one of the pictures! If we have them in common, then that’s *very* fun! Was praying for you while I was running the sweeper…and will continue to, tonight & tomorrow!


  3. Krysty Bower

    Just looked at these pics with my oldest…both boys have such a love for animals. Don’t know many kids that don’t…but every pic got an “Awwwww” (“that’s so cute”) reaction. He didn’t like me stopping to read the captions, b/c he wanted to see the next…and the next! 🙂

  4. Donita

    Just a quick note to say you’ve been on my mind and in my prayers. I’ve been much too busy to keep up with blogs, but I have been acutely aware of the “end” of your 52 quest and the potential for spiritual attack, physical crash and emotional turmoil.
    For better and worse, God is a God of do-overs!

  5. Leo - Brazil


    wonderful site, wonderful pictures and wonderful family..


    maybe U visit any Brasilian´s Zoo..

    Leo Victorino – Sorocaba

  6. Heather

    I just thought I would share that my daughter was looking at these pictures with me and she said “Whoa, look at that big butterfly!!” Poor Peacock!

    I have a love for polar bears, I wish they were in Houston!

  7. Karla Caboi

    Hello Marla,

    How are u??
    I’m from Brazil, do you like??hihihi

    Your pictures are PERFECT!!!!!


    God Bless you and your family.

    Best rgds,

    Karla Caboi – Pernambuco – Brazil!

  8. Monique

    Achei incrível a idéia de vocês, parabéns pela coragem e pela criatividade! Deve ser incrível conhecer tantos lugares e animais diferentes! Linda família! Linda viagem! Monique- Nova Friburgo- Rio de Janeiro- Brasil

  9. Kelsie

    Marla, I just prayed for you. That God would give you PEACE. That He would continue to guide your steps. That you would trust Him with all of these details…Rely on His Strength. Be blessed today!!

  10. janelle taviano

    Kind of like getting out the afterbirth…”one more push”…that picture of the girls is my favorite…all 4 of them….. do not let satan rob you of the JOY ~ of GOD’s provision…. the desert, the tire, the money in the steering wheel. Who is the king pin of robbing us of our JOY………..what Jesus GAVE YOU all……..stay in that for the sake of JESUS CHRIST !

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