oh, baby!

No, I’m not pregnant. My baby days are through (except for snuggling and spoiling any and all nieces and nephews my sisters would like to give me, including Miss Mia who is scheduled to arrive in less than 50 days!). Believe me, I’m exhausted enough as it is without being preggo and/or up at all wee hours with a wee one.

However. Speaking of babies, I may have mentioned 67 (or double that many) times that I love, love, love baby animals. And I may have mentioned Zooborns, a sweet site that announces baby animal births from all over the planet–with pictures! And videos!

In my Zoo Reverie the past couple days, I’ve been looking through photos of some of the tiny guys and gals we met this past year. Oh, they’re stunning! And such a miracle! Praise you, God, for new life and new birth and BABIES!

25 points to anyone who can correctly identify all 10 of these little darlings–11 counting the little darling (in the last pic) that I birthed me-self (well, with the help of an epidural).

Speaking of babies and miracles, I’m still working on the Expecting Campaign. Something went awry with my last book order, so I’ve been waiting over a month for 120 books to get here (237 books donated so far! woohoo!). Once I get that order here and delivered to the centers, I’ll talk more about what I’d like to do next. I’ve had people ask if I’m still taking donations for books–how about we wait until January and then chat about it again? THANK YOU!!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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