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We hit the Memphis Zoo on April 23 on our way home from Texas. It’s a beautiful zoo. Definitely top 5 out of the first 33 we visited.

Love the whole entrance area–recreated Ancient Egpyt.

I would give anything to know what these animals are thinking. This guy kept giving us “the look.”

Giraffes make my heart go pitter-pat. As does my new Zoo Journal (pics forthcoming). Think my fave color + my fave animal print + lines for writing = bliss.

One of the loudest siamangs I have ever heard. And I have heard many. I copied a line from his sign into my journal, “Amplified by an inflated throat sac, a siamang’s piercing cries and howls echo over several miles.” Some young boys on a school field trip were howling back at him. The dude with the inflated throat sac won.

Polar bears are always a treat. Can’t wait to get them at the C-bus Zoo! Rumor has it, they’ll be here by Fall. (Rumor also had it they’d be here in the Spring of ’08.)

They had a really neat sea lion show. Their North America exhibit was one of my favorites I’ve seen. I’m all about the polar bears and sea lions, not so much the ducks and rabbits.

We toured the zoo for a bit, and then Rachel met us (with her mom and kiddos) and hung out with us for a bit before we had to go. I think it’s so cool to meet people in real life after “meeting” them online. Rachel drove all the way from Little Rock, Arkansas. Thanks, friend!

Our little ones thought they were big stuff driving this boat.

Memphis is one of only four zoos to have giant pandas. We saw them in Atlanta too. And DC later this week. And San Diego (Lord willing) in July.

I marvel at God’s creativity. You’ve got to wonder why He chose so many different color combinations and patterns for the animals He made. So awesome.

I’m pretty sure this quote is referring to the web of life. My web designer husband insists they were talking about the internet.

I wonder why God chose some animals to be beautiful and majestic (like the tiger) and some to be pitiful and ugly. Any ideas?

This is what happens when you’re three years old and your parents have just dragged you to your 9th zoo in 11 days. You try to read the map, but it’s upside-down. And you just fall apart.

Sorry for the lame-o commentary on the pics. It’s 1:00am on Tuesday morning, and I’m trying to churn some posts out before I go to bed, get up, pack and head to Buffalo. By the time you read this, we should be in… New York City maybe? Don’t forget to follow our live updates on twitter and/or facebook!

Have a marvelous day, friends!

8 thoughts on “memphis zoo

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  2. Erin

    I can’t wait to get the polar bears here too!! I love that the Indy zoo has so many aquatic animals…my only complaint about Columbus is that they don’t have the same.

  3. Valerie

    Love the pandas!!! Not so much my lil buddy’s pic whilst having an emotional meltdown…. however she still manages to look adorable somehow….always…oh to be 3 again!! 🙂

  4. Timothy Sims

    Hey there! My wife and I love the pictures of the animals. You make us want to visit the zoo next time we’re in Memphis. Keep up the great work on your 52/52 project.

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