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I’m weary tonight and have a big day ahead of me tomorrow (Tuesday). Some of my favorite girlies are coming over for Zoo Party Prep and Taco Dip. And much chatting and laughing I’m sure. And I’m sooooooooo glad none of them mind crumbs on the floor or dust on the end tables or a toilet in the upstairs bathroom that doesn’t flush unless you take the lid off and pull on the handle. They’re awesome like that.

Here’s a post I wrote a bit ago about LPZ, a lovely little zoo smack dab in the middle of downtown Chicagoland:

Lincoln Park Zoo is just beautiful—there are no two ways about it. If I lived in Chicago, I’d spend as much time as possible there—visiting the animals, sure, but also reading, writing, dreaming. (And it’s free! And right across from the beach!)

Some nice fellow took our picture. Marla, that is a nice tan line.

With the city skyline for a backdrop and beautiful trees, landscaping and architecture, the atmosphere is just incredible—very You’ve Got Mail-ish. (I know–that’s in NYC. But still.)

The tiger exhibit was beautiful. I’d live there! Well, minus the tiger.

And we saw some amazing big, beautiful-eyed cats in the Lion House. I’m going to pretend I know what kind of leopard this is (if it is indeed a leopard–Amur perhaps?). Too bad there’s not enough room in the zoo for them to all roam and play outside.

The Kovler Seal Pool is really pretty, but our favorite part of the day…

was the polar bear! As we pressed our noses up to the glass of the underwater viewing area, he swam right up to us over and over and over—like he was kissing us through the window. So awesome.

This picture totally makes up for the time we visited one of the best polar bear exhibits in the nation (Detroit Zoo) and all the polar bears were asleep!

We don’t see reindeer all that often. Take a gander at those antlers–wow.

Lincoln Park is one of America’s best small zoos for sure. If you’re ever in Chicago, you should check it out!

Thanks so much for praying for Gabe! No, everything’s not hunky-dory, but he called me this morning (he’s teaching/speaking at a conference in C-bus all week from 8-4) with some good news. All God. Praise Him!

Have a top-o’-the-morning Tuesday!

13 thoughts on “lincoln park zoo

  1. Valerie

    Had a great day…enjoyed the food and company!! Everything will come together….. keep me posted on anything I can do.

    I can’t remember if you have my phone number….will send it via email. 🙂

  2. Stephanie your sister

    I so wish I could come to the party on Saturday! Missing out on planning/ organizing/ prepping for a huge party breaks my little heart. But I will be celebrating alongside you in my house all by myself. 🙂


  3. Kristen

    I so wish I could be there on Sat to see the fulfillment of this endeavor for you.
    So thankful you have girlfriends coming over today to help you. Yeah for good friends.
    Love ya dear girl.

  4. Kaye

    Wonderful pictures, thanks so much for sharing. Enjoy your friends today. Praying for your entire family.
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  5. Krista

    I’m sad that I missed when I was in Chicago last summer… but glad you got such fantastic pictures, and good to know that good news is trickling through!

  6. Kelly

    So we went there today. HARDLY any animals out. You got lucky. But I DO love it being in the middle of the city!

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