it's a sickness, really

We’re having a hard time staying away from zoos. We finished up our 52 in 52 on August 1, then August 8 found us back at the Central Park Zoo. Not to mention (but I’m apparently mentioning anyway) that we’ve been to the Columbus Zoo three times in the past month. And what better way to spend Labor Day than to revisit the lovely, the delightful Akron Zoo?

Seriously. I love this zoo. It’s pretty, it’s cozy, and it’s got a crazy-cool Big Cat Collection–including three 6-month-old jaguar cubs! Triple sigh.

I do realize that I’m 11 Zoo Recaps (from the original 52) behind. And I’m pondering how to work those in. And I’m also giving much thought to all of your super suggestions of what you’d like to see on the blog in the weeks/months to come. And I do know that some of you aren’t animal fans. But, for today, humor me.

I’m in a Zoo Mood.

A big shout-out to David Barnhardt at the Akron Zoo for his warm hospitality and the GREAT job he and his staff do to make this zoo our very favorite small zoo in the country! If you live anywhere near Akron, Ohio and haven’t been to the zoo, you’re missing out! And hurry, before the baby jaguars get any bigger!

Coolest Zoo Sign evah.

Be still my heart.  For someone who could take or leave (okay, leave. period.) domestic kitties, I love, love, love Big Cats (jaguars, leopards, lions, tigers, etc.). Especially babies.

Meet LeBron, Nakita and Bella. Not sure which is which, but LeBron weighs 45 pounds (10 pounds more than his sisters).

The proud Mama.

I heart snow leopards. Not as much as jaguars, but isn’t he (she?) pretty?

Such huge paws. Such long tail. Created with everything they need to thrive.

The zoo has three tiger brothers too. Just 18 months old and look how big.

He’s not as mad as he looks; just getting ready for an afternoon siesta.

Not a cat. But a cute little red panda.

And a rare (at least for us) shot of a red panda hanging upside down.

One of life’s great mysteries–the jellyfish. Fascinating. But I don’t get it.

For whatever reason, we didn’t get that many good photos from our first visit to the Akron Zoo. So happy we got to go back! No concrete plans right now, but I’m sure we’ll find our way back to quite a few of the 52. And some new ones too!

Some of you have asked about the books. They’re coming along nicely. A lot of work, but I’m not complaining. I love, love, love to write.

I just got off the phone with a delightful chap from a radio station in South Africa. We chatted about the Zoo Tour, and he told me that all next week, there’s free admission to all the National Parks in South Africa. If only plane tickets were free too.

In other news, Livi lost her 13th tooth. Soccer season starts tonight–two games. Take a package of ramen noodles to Pei Wei tomorrow and get their new Japanese Chile Beef Ramen 50% off.

Happy Nine-oh-Nine-oh-Nine, friends!

7 thoughts on “it's a sickness, really

  1. Elizabeth

    These pictures are amazing! My kids loved them. And I love that you share some of the animal’s names. Who in the world chooses those names anyway?

    I’d never even heard of a red panda. I need to go to more zoos!

  2. Gaylene

    Love your pictures! Even at the old age of being a grandmother, one of my favorite places to go is the Zoo!

    Binder Zoo in MI, started out with a lot of plastic animals- just cracked my husband and I up. We’ve been back several times to see the plastic ones replaced with the real thing.

  3. Ali

    Domestic cats – blah.

    Jellyfish – evil (stung by man-o-war once – HORRIBLE experience)

    Jaguar named LeBron – LOVE it!

    Zoo sickness? I’d rather that than mastitis 😉

  4. Amanda from VCA

    I LOVE the Akron zoo. I love to go there with the kids i babysit, and with my friends. The 5 year old girl i sit for had her birthday party there, and it was the best b-day party i’ve ever been to. lol Just thought i’d share 😉

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