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Whassup?!? Here’s what’s up with us for the next 2ish weeks. And you know what? You know what?? I know I’ll be sad when this 52 Thing is over. And I know I’ll go through withdrawal. And I know I’ll try my hardest to figure out a way to keep the craziness alive.

BUT I sure am looking forward to making life NOT ABOUT US for awhile. Enough of us already. I’m so anxious to focus on some other people.


Here’s where we’ll be/what we’ll be doing for the next 15 days. (sorry there aren’t any links–it’s 1:15 a.m. and I’m pooped!)

Last Big Zoo Tour

Friday, 7/10—drive to Omaha (stay with Ann–college friend of Miss Amy, the t-shirt winner)

Saturday, 7/11—Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, drive to Denver, stay with Jill (friend of Joanne’s, reads my blog) Hi, Jill!

Sunday, 7/12—Denver Zoo, stay with Holly (friend of Joanne’s)

Monday, 7/13—Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (GIRAFFES!!!), drive to Salt Lake City, stay with Ken (online friend of Gabe’s)

Tuesday, 7/14—Utah’s Hogle Zoo, drive to Grand Canyon (note to self: find hotel near Grand Canyon)

Wednesday, 7/15—look at Grand Canyon, drive to San Diego, stay with Monica (friend of Kori’s–the Sunny Day Tags Girl)

Thursday, 7/16—San Diego Zoo, Monica

Friday, 7/17—Sea World, Monica (our general rule is one night per house–bless you, sweet Monica!!)

Saturday, 7/18—San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park, last night with Monica (have I mentioned Monica has never met us?)

Sunday, 7/19—Los Angeles Zoo, drive to Phoenix, stay with Joanne (whom I have never met but love dearly!!)

Monday, 7/20—Phoenix Zoo, one more night with Joanne

Tuesday, 7/21—drive to Wichita, stay with Mary

Wednesday, 7/22—Sedgwick County Zoo, not sure who we’re staying with in KC–have a couple leads

Thursday, 7/23—Kansas City Zoo, not sure about this night either–might get a hotel room if we have $ left over from trip (the girls love hotels!)

Friday, 7/24—St. Louis Zoo, drive home

Saturday, 7/25–Yoder Family Reunion

And exactly one week later, there’s a PARTY!! Counting on God to work out those details, because, well… because.

Have I mentioned that we have never met any of these people we’re staying with? Isn’t this fun??

Thank you, friends, for all the sweet support you’ve given us these past 11 months. I could burst into tears just thinking about it. Love you millions!

18 thoughts on “(im)pertinent information

  1. Susan R

    What fun! So jealous you get to go to Sedgwick County Zoo – lived in Wichita for 45 years and loved going there but it’s been ages so I’m sure it’s changed. Hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. jessthebabyhugger

    a)THANK YOU forf the list format. That is SO my style.
    2)Elizabeth–we lead parallel lives. hubby calls my blog friends my “little internet friends” too. in love. and in humor. but, still. 🙂
    iii) anything named Henry Doorly Zoo has to be a blast.
    D.)i think you’re insane (in a good way!). and any book about this kind of 52-ness will FLY OFF THE SHELVES!!!!

  3. Christy (your cousin-in-law)

    I’m guessing the Yoder Family Reunion counts as a zoo, which is why it’s on the itinerary.

  4. Lou

    This sounds….crazy….fun….a little scary…but what a memory building trip.

    Have great fun! And God speed.

    I don’t know if I would be brave enough (or have enough faith) to stay with my family with basically complete strangers.

  5. Kaye

    Please know I am praying for your precious family every mile of this trip. Praying for HIS blessings to pour over you as you finalize your vision of being able to accomplish your dream!
    Blessings always & with His Love,
    Matthew 21:22

  6. Amy

    Whew – that is quite the schedule Mara! I think I need a nap!! Love you and will be praying for your trip!!

  7. Elizabeth

    I love reading all the specifics of where you’re going and who you’re staying with. I just remember my excitement when you were headed to my house and how nervous I was. It turned out to be so perfect, and I hope we get to do it again!

    I love that Gabe has internet friends. My hubby never ceases to make fun of me for mine. He still calls you my internet friend that I invited to stay over. All in love, of course! He thinks you all are great.

    You are going to love the Grand Canyon, it is amazing. I’ve been wanting to take my kids.

  8. Sandi Faulk

    AAAACCCCKKKK! I owe you an apology – our nutty schedule (and my age…) has resulted in me completely forgetting to send that email to my friends in Kansas City! That’s done now, and I hope to hear something back today. If it takes longer, how should I have them get in contact with you?

    In my head, I’m singing, “This land is your land, this land is my land; from California….” 😉

  9. O

    I love that you give us your detailed schedule, and explain who your staying with. It has been so amazing learning about your family and this whole staying the night with strangers thing. It’s given me the best “warm-fuzzy” feeling about the people of God out there. Praying for you all!

  10. Holly B.

    Have fun–sounds amazing(it is so cool to see how God continues to provide in huge ways)! Praying for safe travels, friend. Hug Joanne for me!

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