hostesses with the mostestes

I’m in a bit of a quandary here. I’m sitting at Megan‘s computer with a smidge of time on my hands, and I reeeeally want to blog about how wonderful our first two hosts (Elizabeth and Megan) have been BUT I don’t know how much time I’ll have in the days to come.

I’m afraid it’s going to be like the 3rd-child-baby-book syndrome. Where you document every single step, word, tooth, favorite bedtime song, poopy diaper of your firstborn. You write down about half that info for your second. And your third–well, you got nothin’.

I’m afraid to gush about Elizabeth and Megan and then run out of steam before I can gush about Amy, Kaye, Kelli, Mary, and Sandi.

But I’m just going to take that chance.

Our trip to Oklahoma was… okay. A bad wreck, lots of rain. But we made it. And we arrived at Elizabeth’s in one piece. And we fell in love with their stunning family of five immediately. I hate that they live so far away from us. I think her hubby A said something about wanting to move to Ohio (haha).

E made us some divine poppyseed chicken. Our 3 kiddos and their 3 kiddos got along beautifully. They played Wii and hallway soccer for three hours straight, laughing and screeching.

E and A were just delightful. We sat at their kitchen table and talked forever, laughing and screeching (okay, we mostly didn’t screech). We had lots in common, and I LOVE it how sharing a common bond in Christ makes complete strangers feel like long-lost best buddies.

E and two of her kiddos came to the zoo with us, along with her friend Marina and two of her little boys. It was SO much fun. I wouldn’t rank Tulsa as one of the top zoos we’ve visited, but the company–definitely. I just felt all warm and fuzzy all day long.

And E’s daughter gave my girls a bunch of beautiful clothes she’s outgrown, and E gave us a sweet card with a delightful gift inside. Bless you, friend!

I could go on and on about how much I adore E and her family, but it’s Miss Megan’s turn.

I’m sitting at Megan’s computer right this very moment, and she has something in the oven that’s making me salivate. Megan is 100% exactly who she is on her blog–real, sweet, generous, kind, beautiful. LOVE her.

Our hubbies are sitting on the couch chatting about photography–they’ve had lots to talk about tonight, which is always fun.

My girlies love her little girlies, and they had a blast together tonight–playing and playing and playing. Megan had little gift bags on our beds and made homemade guacamole. Yum. And Pioneer Woman’s Apple Dumplings. Oh. My. Word. Gabe is being spoiled rotten so far. He’s so not going to go for Little Caesar’s Pizza twice a week anymore.

I’m so excited for the zoo tomorrow. Megan and her girlies are going, and we’re meeting my friend Jenn and her girlies (and hopefully her hubby, or Gabe will be outnumbered by girls 10 to 1!)

Thank you, God, for these beautiful friends and the fact that we have YOU in common. I am so in awe of the way you work and move. I love the body of Christ. I love your animal kingdom. I even love Oklahoma. I could just hug Elizabeth and Megan for hours. Bless you, Lord!

And don’t forget–you can friend me on facebook or follow me on twitter (see sidebar) to get periodic updates from our Zoo Road Trip. Thanks to everyone who has “joined” us already! It’s soooo much fun to have you along!

And if you’re looking for some new blogs to read, may I recommend Megan (Sorta Crunchy) and Elizabeth (Finding Him Bigger)? They’re both so fun and real, love the Lord and their families, and are great (and funny) writers.

Oklahoma City Zoo, here we come!

4 thoughts on “hostesses with the mostestes

  1. Elizabeth

    You are too kind Marla!! And I hope you know that we enjoyed having you all as much as you enjoyed being here. We were so blessed by your visit and your kindness. The zoo was a fun day. And I have big plans to visit some more of them soon-hopefully OKC is my first stop! I HAVE to meet Megan asap.

  2. Jennifer

    Yay! We were so glad to visit the zoo with y’all today… even if we had a hard time finding the furry animals. Ha! Hope y’all have a great time in Texas!

  3. amber

    I’m here via Elizabeth! I’m so glad that you were able to meet IRL! I’m waiting for the day that Elizabeth and I get our IRL meeting!! Hoping it is really soon!

    Your Zoo Road Trip sounds amazing….what a great experience for your family! And all the friends you are dropping in on along the way!

    Great to “meet” you!

  4. Jamie Nygaard

    I’m hungry just sitting here read your blog! Sounds like you are getting blessed beyond blessed! Is that possible?

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