fifty. two. whew!

20 thoughts on “fifty. two. whew!

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  2. jess

    we are home safe & sound after an absolutely DELIGHTFUL day! 🙂 thanks for hostessing such a fabulous par-tay!!

  3. Sandi Faulk

    I think back to more than a couple of blog posts, when you were discouraged, exhausted, wondering if you were going to be able to finish in time, wondering where the provisions would come from, concerned about logistics…and you did it – all five of you. I’m really proud of y’all, too, with no personal reason to be so. And I’m sad, more than previously, that we didn’t get to meet face-to-face when you were here in San Antonio.

    Congratulations, Marla, Gabe, Livi, Ava, and Nina!

  4. Heather

    WOw, 52!!! Woo-hoo!! These pics are amazing, I think we are going to venture out to the Houston zoo now, although I will probably not get pictures like these!! Hope you had lots of fun!

  5. mary kate

    so happy for you!! sad i couldn’t be there today but hope you had an absolute blast!! and, i agree with everyone – those pictures are incredible!! you could make a photo book!! much love, mk

  6. Joanne @ The Simple Wife

    Hey! I recognize the view behind that giraffe! The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will always be one of my favorites.

    Having fun thinking of all the fun you’re having today. Hope the day goes nice and slowly so you can enjoy every second of it.

    Love you!

  7. Kaye

    Praying for wonderful blessings for your entire family and all of the party goers today!
    Sure wish we were there to celebrate with you.
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  8. Jen

    This is great! I have enjoyed watching your journey! We’ll be making a trip to the Columbus Zoo next Friday and made sure to show my kids your page and adventure!

  9. Colleen

    I’m so excited for you and your family! Your travel experiences and pictures have been incredible! It has been a joy to “watch” you do this. The memories that your girls will have are going to last a lifetime…one of those “around the Thanksgiving table” discussions to tell the grandkids!
    Extra family has come to town, but we are trying to find a way to make it over to the zoo to at least pop in to say hi!!!
    I am honored to be called your friend!!! Way to go!

  10. Jill

    Good Job! You will have finished this race well!
    Haven’t been online much lately, however I saw on FB that tomorrow is the day!!
    Will you please explain to me why for some reason I am so proud of you and your family for this accomplishment, despite the fact we are strangers.
    I can’t tell you why….but God has just put that in my heart. ENJOY tomorrow ALL the fruits of your travels and all the hard work that went into this venture, which most of won’t know.
    I pray that God will pour into your life ALL the blessings He had in mind for you when you started this.
    Thanks for sharing all your zoo travels & pictures with all of us readers. So fun to meet you thru this, and we won’t forget how we met a family thru a blog.
    I will now look forward to reading a book about how God worked in your life through 52 zoos.
    Peace for tomorrow, Congrats and Hugs!
    Jill & Family

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