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First, a little thank-you shout-out to our friends Holly and Duey who shared FREE Noodles coupons with us tonight. We’d never been before–yum! We adults shared a booth, and our five kiddos had a booth behind us. So, if we shut out the noise, it was almost like a double date!

Then Holly had the urge to bless somebody (she gets this urge multiple times a day) and went on a little school supplies shopping spree for Livi and Ava. Totally unexpected, yet total answer to prayer. If this ruffles anyone’s feathers, I suggest you take it up with Miss Holly. She takes great offense when people rob her of the blessing of giving.

Love you, friends!

And now, the Denver Zoo. First of all, let me say that finding a place to stay in Denver was somewhat of a fiasco. It wasn’t for lack of offers–I think we had six. Long story short, we stayed with a delightful couple named Tom and Jill Goding. Our connection? Miss Joanne, who was Jill’s daughter’s Brownie Troop Leader before Joanne and fam moved to Phoenix in July. Livi and Ava hit it off immediately with Ashlyn (8). They loved each other so much that all three of them crammed into a twin bed for the night! And little Lily (not yet 2) was just adorable.

Jill and the girls met us at the zoo (and again the next day–this time with Tom!), so Gabe had his hands full with seven women. We had a great time. Thank you so much, Tom and Jill, for your hospitality and friendship!!

Now, this is a rockin’ Zoo Sign. Stunning view, awesome weather–perfection.

Okay, got my giraffe fix out of the way. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve seen a giraffe?? 20 days!! This isn’t going to work, folks.

The regal Maned Wolf. One of the first animals Nina ever talked about, thanks to Dora’s animal-rescuing cousin, Diego. If an animal hails from South America, Nina’s all over it.

I would make a comment about his dark roots, but he doesn’t seem to be in a joking mood. His mood improved instantaneously, though, that afternoon when he and the missus enjoyed a little conjugal fun just two feet from our family of five on the other side of the glass. Have I mentioned the educational benefits of zoos?

Me, Jill, and our five little blond girlies–Nina, Livi, Lily, Ava, Ashlyn.

The most dangerous animal in all of Africa. Seriously. Don’t mess.

A friendly native, a.k.a., Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep.

Now, that’s a majestic creature. Lucky Gabe has tigers just 20 minutes away.

I can’t tell you what a blessing it was for our girls to meet so many new friends.

We had a great day at the Denver Zoo! Up next–more new friends and GIRAFFE MANIA!

Happy Thursday, friends!!

15 thoughts on “denver zoo

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  2. Jill

    Oh, one more thing….the hippo was the only cool one that day. As he eased into his pool, we were all a bit jealous;-). Definately, a hot Denver day!

  3. Jill

    You are sweet to thank us on your blog (not necessary as it was our priviledge to have you!)
    LOVED your book and that was all the thanks I needed.
    I will say it is fun seeing Gabes photos, they alway look waayyy better than mine.
    Note to self, bring my good camera next time.
    Ashlyn still wonders when she will see your girls again? So as you already know, you have an open invitation to visit anytime. !
    Come back for a long weekend, or to ski, or especially when Joanne has moved back from Arizona:-)

  4. Donita

    My 3 year old and I have been wondering where we could see some hippos. We dont’ have any here in Tucson and we went to Phoenix to check out their zoo, but alas, No hippos. I had been thinking about asking you!
    Denver! hooray. That’s practically close by and we have some friends near Denver. Maybe one of these days….!

  5. Joanne @ The Simple Wife

    I just love it when my friends become friends with each other! It just makes my heart glad.

    Don’t you think God feels the same way?

    Love you much, dear friend, and think you made the right decision on the wife swap thing. Sounds like a total nightmare to me!


  6. Ali

    I must thank you for introducing me to Holly and Duey. I knew she was something special the first day I met her at your house (even though it was only in passing). It’s a blessing simply to know her.
    Love ya.

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