bonobos (buh-NO-bohs) and stuff

Evidently, we couldn’t stand the thought of spending a Saturday somewhere other than a z-o-o, so we packed a lunch and headed to the Great Columbus Zoo.

It was Fall Fest, and Jack Hanna was there celebrating 30 years with the C-bus Zoo and promoting his new book. We got to the zoo around 11:30, did a quick tour of Asia, then got seats for Jungle Jack’s Wild Animal Show and ate our lunch. The show started at 1:00 and it was packed. Tons of important people were there for his 30-year celebration. Presidents of places like Sea World, producers of shows like Good Morning America, the von Trapp Family Singers! Apparently, Kurt von Trapp’s grandkids live in Montana, used to be Jack’s neighbors, and are touring the world right now. They sang My Favorite Things from Sound of Music. How cool is that?!

Great show, fun animals. Then we went to see the gorillas and bonobos, and there was a 2-week-old baby girl bonobo. She was darling. And then we went home.

A big tiger checking out Ava.
Ava and tiger

The Family von Trapp with Jungle Jack.
Jack Hanna and Von Trapp family

Jack’s Wild Animal Show.
Jack Hanna's animal show

Mama Bonobo with her little girl. She was nursing her the whole time we were there, even while swinging all over the place. We didn’t get many good looks at her, but if you look closely at the bottom of the pic, you can see her little hand.
Bonobo and baby

Crazy-boy bonobo.

10 thoughts on “bonobos (buh-NO-bohs) and stuff

  1. luvmynoah

    What a fun day!!!  You all are getting to experience some very very cool things.  That picture of the tiger and Ava is so cool!  It’s neat that you can see you and Nina in the picture as well in the glass. 

    Just a thought….not for boys….that baby has some serious suction going on to hand on when she’s swinging around!  OUCH!

  2. FlyingCAB

    I will now have “These are a few of my favorite things”…dum dum, dum dum…. in my head ALL day.  THANKS 😉  So was Sound of Music based on real life!?  How did I not know that!

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