binder park zoo (giraffe central!)

Before I get to the giraffes (!!), I’d like to address something that a couple of you astute readers brought up in yesterday’s comments. I made the statement that I’ve been called to “show Christ’s love not to defend Christ’s love.” Kelsie pointed out 1 Peter 3:15–“But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.”

And Emily noted that there’s a fine line between defending the gospel and arguing it. Well said. That’s the word I should have used–argue. I hope and pray that I will always stand up for what I believe, that I will never be ashamed of the gospel of Christ, that I will know God’s Word like the back of my hand and always be ready to give an answer for the hope bubbling up inside of me.

What I don’t want to do is argue it into the ground–especially with someone created in the image of God, someone I care deeply about (i.e., everyone). My gameplan: lovingly share the reason for my hope. Share it again if I feel led. Then close my mouth, pray hard, and let the Holy Spirit work.

One more thing. And then giraffes!! Please allow me to direct your attention to a guest post I wrote for a delightful little blog entitled Adding Zest to Your Nest. And yes, it’s all about just what you might surmise it’s all about. In fact, I hesitate to even send you over there, because you might just decide to camp out and never come back. Heaven forbid you miss out on my giraffes!

I’m so conflicted.

I also don’t really want to tell you that the topic of my post over at the Zesty Nesty is a word I can’t even type on my own blog. Too provocative. Perfectly appropriate topic within the bounds of marital union, but anyway…

Click here to find out what all the fuss is about. (and if my post isn’t there yet, check back soon–they’re in a different time zone than I am) And honestly? I wrote my post a couple weeks ago and barely remember what I said, but the post before mine–about the CheeriOs? Oh bOy and Oh my! WhOa baby!

And now for the Binder Park Zoo. I hate to be negative about zoos, so I won’t say anything about the parts that didn’t impress us. Besides, the giraffes more than made up for anything the zoo might have been lacking anywhere else.

Another fun sign. Another fun mini-tripod shot. Like our shirts? Nick from sent us complimentary t-shirts to wear on our Zoo Adventures. We love them! And got all kinds of compliments on them at the zoo. I’ll be blogging about them in greater detail soon. In the meantime, check them out. You know you want one.

The giraffes (and zebras and ostriches) have lots and lots of room to roam. Sometimes exhibits like this mean you never get to see the animals close up. Not so at Binder Park.

Coming closer…

Oh, my!

Miss Panda feeds Mr. Giraffe a cracker. I’ll have to get a pic of these Zoo Shirts from the back. They each have a sweet animal on them.

Nina’s not so sure about that tongue! (Nina’s shirt fits her like a dress, so she took it off after our Zoo Entrance pic.)

A little bonding time for Mr. Rhino and Ms. Giraffe.

Ms. Giraffe and Mrs. Giraffe. Kindred spirits from the get-go.

Love this pic of Miss Gorilla and Mr. G.

The face of contentment. Sigh. Just a couple more weeks until we’re at the Giraffe Mecca in Colorado Springs! And just found out the Phoenix Zoo has a new Giraffe Encounter too! Woot!

FYI–my friend Kaye of Super-Beautiful Engraved Tile Fame is giving away more awesome stuff on her blog! Go win!

I’m off to spend the morning doing something I vowed I would never do again as long as we both shall live–have a garage sale. Here’s to raising Coins for California!

Have a great Thursday, friends!

13 thoughts on “binder park zoo (giraffe central!)

  1. Jenni

    What AWESOME pics! Were those crackers specially supplied to feed the giraffes? I’m confused, because once at a zoo we were attending, there was a giraffe who was “out of his bounds” and close enough to the fence to feed some leaves to. A zoo keeper came running up and ordered everyone back because he said the giraffe’s tongue could literally peel the skin off our hands. Was he just overreacting?

    I love t-shirts, too!

  2. Kelli

    I thought that you would love to know that Caroline has recently become obsessed with giraffe’s. I am hoping to get her to one of these encounter’s some time!! She got a tiny plastic giraffe at the SD zoo and she has been carrying it everywhere!!

  3. Colleen

    Great Job Marla…you always have a way with words…loved the Zesty Nesty blog post! And as for yesterday’s post, I thought it was great…thanks for that little argue/defend challenge…I just come across a few people who like to bring up arguments for the sake of arguing…(i.e. presdestination, etc) It gets frustrating because we aren’t here to try to prove other’s wrong…it just causes hurt feelings in the body of Christ in certain situations…thanks for sharing!

  4. Missy

    SO fun! Love that you all got so up close and personal with the giraffes. 🙂

    Read your zesty post! Nice job…and a nice tease for your even-better-than-that-post book!

  5. Kelsie

    Well-put, Marla. Thank you for your desire to serve Christ…
    Also, I LOVE the pictures! Those shirts add a lot!
    I’m curious – what is your average “stay” with the giraffes at any given zoo? 🙂

  6. Julie

    Loved the post at Zesters’s blog. Haven’t read your book yet, can you give me some info where I could read more about it? I am thankful for a vibrant relationship in my marriage, but you can always glean more.


  7. Denise

    So first of all, love the pictures and I now am really wanting to pet a giraffe! Second, read your post on the other blog – WHOA Marla, you addressed something very scandalous 😉 Kidding kidding!

    Parker, Drew and I will be helping you with getting coins for cali! Just save us some popsicles please 🙂

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