a new baby…

giant panda was just born 30 minutes ago at Zoo Atlanta. You can watch the Live Panda Cam here, if you’re so inclined. I don’t know much about it yet (trying to find out more), but I’m laughing because I just read that it can be really hard to confirm that a panda is pregnant. In fact, they just did an ultrasound TWO DAYS AGO and found out that yes, she was indeed pregnant. (up until that time they were just suspicious. she was acting odd. ha!) Two days later she gives birth. Can you imagine? EDIT: You’ve got to click on the photo gallery to the right of the panda cam. There are pics of the cub this mama had two years ago. Sooooo cute!!

Gabe’s amused that I’m so excited by all of this, but hey, giant pandas are way cool. And the miracle of birth is way cool. And I believe there are only four zoos in the country that have giant pandas, and we’re hoping to make it to all of them this year. Atlanta is on the Zoo Trip Wish List for November or December. How FUN it would be to see a baby panda!! EDIT #2: Um, I think I just saw her delivering some placenta and eating it. Nice.

In other news, we had a MARVELOUS day today. I love my family. I got to feel my new niece kick a bunch. I LOVE HER TO BITS! We hiked and threw rocks in the creek and climbed an Indian (Native American, but Cedarville hasn’t changed the signs to be PC yet) burial mound and had a picnic and played euchre and red rover and felt baby Ginger (not her real name) kick and ate pizza and took lots of pictures. We missed you Daniel and Stephi! And Ms. Beki Ryan, I had Gabe lay on the horn as we passed your house.

And um, whoever sent me the delightful (and anonymous) note (and cash) addressed to “Marla Taviano, c/o Pei Wei Fund” today, can I just tell you that I love you? Wow.

Pics of our day–and Monday’s Indy Zoo trip–coming next week! Have a restful, worshipful Sabbath! Love you all!

17 thoughts on “a new baby…

  1. mtaviano

    @stephaniedawnbasham – If I remember correctly, it was Jess’s idea to wait for you. And Bethy and I immediately and heartily agreed. Three reasons why it’s a great idea: 1. We love you and it wouldn’t be the same without you. 2. Showers are more fun when the baby’s actually there. (Gives you something to do while she’s opening all those presents.) And 3. I hate planning stuff like that and you love it. 🙂

  2. stephaniedawnbasham

    @mtaviano – 

    Oh. My. Word. There are no words. Well, maybe there are some words. WOOHOO!!!!!

    I have the absolute perfect dessert thing that I’ve been wanting to make for a baby shower and although it would be especially perfect for Bethany I was going to settle for making it for someone else’s baby shower. Now I don’t have to! Oh my goodness I am SO excited.

    I can’t wait to make plans! I love plans! Eeeeee!!!

  3. stephaniedawnbasham

    @mtaviano – 

    What? No, you’re not. Seriously? Is that for real??? Please tell me NOW.

    I have no idea when we’re coming for Christmas. We have some figuring out to do with days off and stuff. Should be settled sometime soon. Oh my word – are you seriously waiting for me to have her shower?

    Unless this is all a big mean joke, my day just got WAY better. 🙂

  4. mtaviano

    @kkakwright – Good, because I sort of forgot to check my schedule before I asked. At this point, we’re only free Sept. 13, Oct. 4 and 11, and Nov. 1 and 8. Do any of those work? Take your time getting back to me.

  5. stephaniedawnbasham

    I miss you all so much!

    It would be much appreciated if you deleted the word euchre from your descriptions of future family gatherings at which I am not present. No one has ever heard of it around here and sometimes I get severely depressed. It just hurts too much to hear the word. Thanks.

    Love you! 🙂

  6. der_lila_Stern

    Euchre – I love that game!  If only more people on the east coast knew how to play…

    I hope you make it to see the new baby panda!  Babies are always the best part of the zoos! 

    Have a fantastic, safe trip to the Indy zoo!

  7. jbnygaard

    love panda’s. So cute.

    We’re going to be in your area today. So…we are really hoping to stop by sometime today. I’d like you to see my new “look” I’m sporting. You know….the ‘baby and me’ look? 🙂

    Call me on my cell. Or if you don’t have my cell, I’ll call you I guess. We plan to arrive the big city around noon.

  8. lites4Him

    How fun- a baby panda, good day with family and anonymous gift all in one day!! Blessings abound to you! Have a great rest of the weekend. Looking forward to the stories next week!

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