your secret name (week 7)

Our last week of reading! Can you believe it?? And next week is a PAR-TAY!! Make sure you join us for a special post from Kary and lots of fun PRIZES!!

Our winner of Any-Zondervan-Book-of-Your-Choice is… Leigh! E-mail me with your address, girl (right after you go here and choose your book)!

Lots of good stuff in these chapters!

Chapter 14

“Satan finds great pleasure in perpetually accusing us before God Almighty. But fortunately for us, Jesus exchanged his life for ours–granting us his innocence in place of our condemnation” (150).

I’ll be honest. Satan has been accusing me quite a bit in the past week, and on several occasions, I’ve just rolled over and let him go at me. The thing is, he usually starts with a truth. “You shouldn’t have screamed at your daughter just now.” But then he starts twisting it into lies. “You’re a miserable failure at pretty much everything, so why bother trying?”

Any accusations been flying your way lately? What verses could you throw in Satan’s face in response?

Here’s one from 2 Corinthians 5:17–Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

Or Kary’s “forgotten” Bible verse. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5:1)

(Side note: ever since Cambodia, I’ve been thinking a lot about slavery. Details coming soon about a exciting way you can help stop slavery in this country.)

Chapter 15

I love this next quote. “Every morning I have the option of strapping on my Given Names or walking in my new name” (157). Thoughts?

Or how about this? “I want my brokenness close to my skin–a posture which helps me stay compassionate toward others in their brokenness” (158). My weaknesses and failures have felt just a little too close to my skin lately, but I know God uses that stuff in my own life and to help others. Can you relate?

And I love, love, love this: “Although we usually start with ourselves as the center, we eventually come to understand that God is the ultimate focus. The pattern holds true: as we discover who we truly are, we also discover a portion of who he truly is” (163).

Who has God been to you lately?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts today, friends! As always, answer one or more of the questions in bold print or share whatever else God lays on your heart.

Oh, and this week’s prize? Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne. See you next week at the PARTY!

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19 thoughts on “your secret name (week 7)

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  2. sandee

    I finished the book a couple weeks ago…but just today, the truth you listed on chapter 14 was visited again…how our enemy takes a fact that may be true and adds his lies to it, to make us captive or feel hopeless. At work I had the priveldge of sitting in on a Beth Moore Study of Free week 3, and she talked about just that same thing.

    That “my truth” is made up of my environment and my experiences.

    That satan takes my truth and adds his lies to it to make me captive.

    But God takes my truth and puts His truth on it to set me free. My verse I am using for this battle is Psalm 40:11

    You, O Lord, will not withhold your compassion from me, your loving kindness and YOUR TRUTH will continually preserve me.

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      1. Mickey

        Bluechampion,And here I thought Steve Keane was the most delusional man in football. LOLNote I added the LOL.Please read Roman Ab1a;ovich&#82r7ms wikipedia as there is overwhelming evidence that he is a criminal, freely roaming the streets of London.And since judges are corrupt men and women, what is the point of proving anything in court.Reply

  4. Rachelle

    I know that in the last 3 weeks God has been allowing me to go through a challenge involving the core of who I am. Sometimes I want to cling desperately to my Given Name; it’s so familiar, expected. But I know that He is challenging me to let go. Not just let go, but totally walk away and never ever return. It’s just that these first steps involve my very heavy feet. And a load of trust.

    For those that don’t know my story. We are going through the domestic foster care adoption process. And my word I feel like I’ve been put through a meat grinder. We are in the home study process and the person doing the HS is a counselor. A genuine people-reader.
    The story of Kary’s department head reccommending that Kary not pass the class really hit home. It felt similar, in a way, to the criticism from our HS worker. While she was criticizing me for our family being “too close” and unable to welcome a new child into “the mix” my heart sunk.I felt like a total failure.
    I appreciate the fact that the system cares enough to really screen people. I believe that we have pure motives going into adoption but I have questioned every belief I ever held and confronted every Given Name I’ve ever had. It’s been a process in being reminded, again, that God is Faithful. And because of that Truth so go I.

    1. Marla Taviano

      Wow, girl. Praying RIGHT NOW. That hurts me just reading about it. I’m so, so sorry. And I’m no expert, but too close?? Are you supposed to not like each other?? How about I just stop talking and pray some more? Love you!

      1. Rachelle

        Thank you, Marla. After a few days of mental arguing, struggling and general head hurting I decided that only prayer was the answer. We want to do God’s will. If this is the door closing then I want it settled in my heart.
        Honestly, I think God is breaking us to prepare us for the challenge of walking in what He has called us to do.

    2. Mandy

      Thanks for sharing, Rachelle. That has got to be so tough. I can imagine that it would be really painful to have someone come in and judge my family in that way. May God’s truth shine forth and his plan astonish you with it’s perfection. And may you be sustained and encouraged through this time of trial and waiting.

  5. Leigh

    First of all, woohoo! I can’t believe I won! I’ll try to pick my book and email you with my info sometime today.

    Here’s my final post for the Read Along but I’m hoping next Tuesday I’ll be able to post on what I’m doing to commemorate the lessons I’ve learned.

    I didn’t know what to make of this book when I first started but I am so glad that I read it. I can’t even describe, not even in the post, the difference this has made in my perspective. Thank you for hosting, Marla, and thank you for writing the book, Kary.

  6. beth lehman

    I find myself waking up – thinking about gratitude… While looking at the sky and the sun coming up with streaked color and clouds I am grateful that each day is NEW. I have a new chance each day to do better…

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