50 Days to Discover Your Secret Name in 2011

Drum roll please… our next Read-Along book is… YOUR SECRET NAME: Discovering Who God Created You to Be by Kary Oberbrunner!

I blogged about the book a month ago. If you’re considering reading along, you’ll want to read that post.

We’ll introduce ourselves here on the blog on December 28th and kick off the Read-Along officially on January 4. It will go for 50 days (8 Tuesdays in a row) and end on February 22.

I’m excited, folks. EXCITED. And let me tell you why.


1. I can’t think of a better way to start 2011, a Brand New Year, than to find FREEDOM and HEALING and move into all God wants us to be and do with our lives. Tons of people have already found this in the few short months the book’s been out. (Read some stories here.) God is using Kary’s words in a powerful way, and I want you in on it.

2. If you read Radical with us (and even if you didn’t), Your Secret Name is going to be a little breather of sorts for you. Me personally? I’m going to use these 50 days to breathe deep, cuddle up closer to my Father, learn more about him and who I am in him, and ask him to help me to wait patiently while he shows me what’s next.

3. Since Gabe and I know Kary personally, we were able to pull a few strings and work out some sweet deals for all of you. Every week that you write your own blog post and link it back here, you’ll be entered to win an AWESOME PRIZE from Zondervan (Kary’s publisher). And get this–they’re letting me pick ANY BOOK I WANT to give away each week. Do you know how fast that makes this bibliophile’s heart race??

4. And last, but not least, I’m pumped about the community of people God is going to bring together to read this book. I loved, loved, loved reading Radical with so many of you and seeing firsthand how God was using those words (and his Word!) to press on your heart. And I’m so looking forward to that part again–learning each other’s stories, praying for each other, encouraging each other on our journeys.

FIVE Things You Need to Know:

1. The Schedule of Events (and how the Read-Along works):

**TODAY— a.) Decide to join the Read-Along b.) leave a comment saying, “I’m in!” to be entered to win a free book, c.) “Like” Your Secret Name’s Facebook page, d.) order (or win) your book, e.) invite your friends to read along. (Whew. It’s not as overwhelming as it sounds. Really.)

**Tuesday, December 28–Introduce Yourselves to your Fellow Readers-Along here on this blog, start reading Chapters 1-2 (you can always read ahead!).

**Tuesday, January 4Official Read-Along Launch–discuss your thoughts here and/or write your own post and link to it for a chance to win!

**The next 7 Tuesdays–join us here (& on Your Secret Name’s FB Page) as we share our thoughts about the book and what God is showing us through it.

2. Limited Time Special Offer! From December 1 to December 15, Zondervan is offering a crazy-awesome deal. For $10, you get the BOOK, the AUDIO BOOK and FREE SHIPPING. Um, that’s a sweet deal. Click here to take them up on their generous offer.

3. Help me pick your prizes! I would looooove to pick 8 of my own personal favorite books from the Zondervan site, but unfortunately, I’m not going to be eligible to win any of them, soooo… how about some input? Browse around Zondervan.com, and tell me your two top book picks.

4. Your Secret Name is a wonderful book to do in a small group setting or Bible Study group too. I sweet-talked us some free Teacher study guide and Participant study guide downloads for our Read-Along group. Pass them on!


5. You can enter your name up to SIX times to win one of FIVE free copies of Your Secret Name TODAY ONLY (drawing at 7pm, EST). Here’s how: 1.) tell me “I’m in!” 2.) tweet about the read-along, 3.) tell your facebook friends, 4.) join Your Secret Name’s Facebook group, 5.) Take the Secret Name Test and tell me your Secret Name, and 6.) tell me 1-2 books you’d like to win from Zondervan.

EDIT (10:10pm): We have WINNERS! Sharon M, Kandi W, Nina R, Britt D, and Erin R, e-mail me your mailing addresses! The rest of you GO BUY YOUR BOOK!

I think that’s it, folks! It’s all YOU now! This is going to be AWE-SOME!

212 thoughts on “50 Days to Discover Your Secret Name in 2011

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  5. Jamie nygaard

    I’m in! And you wouldn’t be interested in watching a 22 month old tomorrow from 5-8?? Christian’s sister decided to get married last minute and I don’t know if Ezra will be on good behaivor for the reception.

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  9. douglas

    I’m in. I loved reading the postings for Radical and decided to participate in the next read-a-long. So I guess this is it. i look forward to the whole process.

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  12. Shalla

    I think I “officially” forgot to sign up πŸ™‚ so I will go through the proper channels!! I will order a book today! So excited

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  14. Sarah P.

    I’m in. Mainly posting to solidify my commitment. Sounds like a great idea to read together and share insights. Thanks for coordinating!

  15. Rhonda

    I’m in and can’t wait – my book has been ordered. I still haven’t finished Radical but it continues to challenge me constantly. We had our newborn foster baby for one month. She left the day before our family headed west on a nine-day mission trip to the Navajo reservation. Time is flying and I’m having trouble catching up.

    1. Marla Taviano

      I keep meaning to ask you about your trip and the little one! I’ve been praying even if I failed to take the time to tell you. Love you, friend! Can’t wait to hear more about it!

      1. Rhonda

        Thanks so much, Marla. Our trip was wonderful. It was my first ever mission trip. And I’m ready to go again next year. The trip was planned on our school’s fall break so we could take the boys with us. I was a little nervous about how they would handle the loooong bus ride but they did great through everything. Sammy got to participate in a first grade class at the Indian school where we helped out and Ricky had a first-grade reading buddy. I haven’t heard from our baby since she left us but I’m keeping her and her family in my prayers. Her parents worked so hard to get her back and that really doesn’t happen very often. I was very happy for them and they were so excited. I truly appreciate your prayers and friendship. Thanks for the “Radical” experience and I’m looking forward to the next one.

        1. Marla Taviano

          I love that you got to take the boys and that it was a great experience for them!! LOVE that!! And I’ll join you in praying for your baby’s family. Good for them getting her back! Love you, friend!

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  17. Karen

    I’m in! I’m a friend of Megan’s, and she highly recommends this. I really think this book is something my heart needs right now. Thanks for the opportunity!

    And, BTW, we’re beginning a book study of Radical in our Thursday morning Bible study today – led by my DH. πŸ™‚

  18. Karen

    I’m in! I’m a friend of Megan’s, so this comes highly recommended. I really think I need his book right now. With 7 kids, I find I simply don’t make the time to feed my own soul, and that needs to change. Thank you!

  19. Jamie Nygaard

    I’m in? Or can I say….I’m gonna try? You Know how much I LOVE to read and all. :/ but I’m in need of some kind of connection…Cause I’m feeling lonely and stuck at home these days.

    1. Satsu

      Could you please tell me the name of the paettrn that you have used for the baby hat in this post? The hat with the stripes – looks like a little helmet!Thanks!Sam in Middle Tennessee

  20. Teresa

    Hi! I am probably too late for the drawing…but I am in..and I was in book heaven when I went to Zondervan and got a little dazed with excitement over all of the books….but the some that looked good were A Case for Christmas by Lee Strobel, The Daniel Fast by Kristen Feola, and Consumer Detox by Revd Mark Powley….I love books…so any book would be fun!
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us! I love your heart!

  21. Erin R

    I would like to be “in”…I’m just erased probably 3 or 4 excuses as to why I can’t but I feel like they are just excuses and I should do this. So I am IN…school or not. I will make time πŸ™‚

      1. LaRonda

        Only the good Lord knows! If our house doesn’t sell then we won’t be moving. Life right now is one day at a time πŸ™‚

  22. Leigh

    I nominate Drops Like Stars (latest Rob Bell), The End is Now (Stennett is such a funny writer!), Laura Jensen Walker’s Getaway Girls series, The Me I Want to Be (Ortberg), and definitely One Thousand Gifts (Ann Voskamp). I know that’s many recommendations but I’m a huge Zondervan fan- one of my good friends was an editor there for awhile.

  23. Anthony

    Forgot about the titles, 1. A God Sized Vision: revival stories that stretch and stir 2. On The Verge: a journey into the apostolic future of the church

  24. Anthony

    Hey Marla, I hope guys are allowed in ’cause I’m in! The test said my secret name might be “victorious”!! Laura and I are gonna share the book if that’s ok.

    1. Marla Taviano

      This was shaping up to be one of the stupidest-busy weeks of the year. And now my kiddos are getting sick. Bye-bye plans!

      So glad you’re joining us! Maybe the audio book will help you fit it in!

  25. Rachelle

    books I’d like to win from Zondervan:

    Evening by Evening devotions of Charles Spurgeon

    Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl, Lisa Terkeurst

  26. Liz

    Well… I’m gonna try this again — and I just downloaded it onto my kindle on my droid. We’ll see if I find it easier to find the time to read it on there… cause I have my phone with me everywhere! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for being such an encouragement!
    Love and miss ya…

  27. Megan Bradford

    I’m in! I’m excited to read this with you and all of your hundreds of friends!! You, my new friend, amaze me!

  28. Bethany Peters

    I’m in!
    I “liked” Your Secret Name on Facebook!
    My secret name is Confident!

    Please enter my name 3 times! Thanks Marsy! (or do I need 3 separate comments?)

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    1. Marla Taviano

      Wowzers. That’s awesome. What in the heck does it mean?! Everything works together beautifully?? If that’s it, it fits you PERFECTLY. Love you!! (you have no idea how excited I am that you’re doing this!!)

  30. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    I got a little lost in the instructions.

    Here’s what I know. I”m IN! I’m EXCITED! This is going to be awesome.

    What an incredible deal on the book. YAY ZONDERVAN.

    Close your eyes and throw a dart at Zondervan’s offerings. Whatever it landed on, chances are, I want it.

    I liked Your Secret Name on FB.

    My secret name could be Alethinos Ampelos: True Vine.

    PS – LOVE YOU.

      1. Angie

        THANKS so much, really!!
        My secret name is “centered”
        Looking forward to this…thanks for your example, your passion, and your friendship!

  31. Amy

    OK, to be honest, I really wanted to concentrate on reading the Bible through in 90 days after this and another thing I was participating in so I’m not sure I can stay on schedule. BUT I already have this on my Kindle on my iPhone and have read a page or two. Definitely something I am planning to read!

  32. Laura

    I would love to have Spiritual Rythm- Being with Jesus Every Season of Your Soul and A Man’s Heart by Lori Copeland…one of my favorite authors

  33. Marla

    I’m In!!! I did it!!! sent a message to two friends to see if they want to meet and discuss along with this. Liked it on facebook too!!!

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  35. Laura

    My secret name…I took the test 3 times… is weak. I won’t share the others at this point but WOW! Quite an eyeopener!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Sweet, Kandi. πŸ™‚ If you want to be friends on fb, add me. I tried to add you and it wouldn’t let me. πŸ™‚ If you’re just friends w/your real-life peeps, I totally get it.

  36. Cheryl Schroeder

    I’m in, I joined, and my secret name is impatient. After 43 years of using only a King James version bible (required by the church I attended), I have spent this year reading God’s word online in The Message version. I thought I’d do that for a bit before I bought a “paper and ink” copy of any version. So my book choice would be a bible in your favorite version πŸ™‚

  37. sarah belanger

    Hello Marla ‘n Co. – I’m In, these blogs, books, and blessings rock!
    So, my secret name is: Accompanied . . . ‘Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.’ – dueteronomy 31:6.
    My 2 zondervan book votes: One Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow (Scot McKnight) and The Magnificient Obsession: Embracing the God-Filled Life (Anne Graham Lotz).

  38. Sarah

    I need this! I’m IN! Was just telling hubby last night how I’m sorta on a “journey” of sorts to find my identity in Christ.

    1. Sarah

      Oh ya, my secret name is Balanced…and probably a few others πŸ™‚ I’ll go “like” the FB page now and as for the Zondervan books…idk…I’ll have to look later.

  39. Laura

    Oh I’m so in! I’m in the facebook group, my secret name (of the moment, can I have like 20?) is Unwavering. And I am already 20 minutes behind this morning – how could I ever pick just TWO books! So far I found “That is SO me, 365 days of devotions, flip flops, faith & friends” (perfect for my 9 year old!) Will have to put the book search on hold to get ready for work. πŸ™‚ Have a great day, Marla!

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