who wants a little peeky-peek?

EDIT: Oh, and please disregard the scary pic of me (with my eye half shut) at the bottom of the Harvest House page. If you click on it, it looks fine, but something’s obviously wrong. I sent an e-mail to the powers that be. Oh, and this is the color of the girls’ room. They wanted the same color as our living room. You know, Shrek green. Decor and pics to come.

Harvest House has a PDF of the first chapter of Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time on their website if you’re interested. (You know, if you’re the type who peeks at the end of novels to find out the ending or peeks at ultrasounds to find out the sex of your baby.)

I wish the introduction was up there–it’s one of my favorite parts of the whole book. But you’ll just have to wait for that one. And I don’t think any of your names are in it either–those come later too.


20 thoughts on “who wants a little peeky-peek?

  1. mrshart03

    Oh, Marla!  I just read the chapter!  It’s so good!  I’m sitting here crying through the whole thing- I went through a similar experience waiting for Zachary, and he’s 2 months old now! 🙂  Praise God for His blessings, and what a great reminder that every moment with Zachary IS a blessing…even when at 4 am, I may not seem so blessed… 🙂

  2. rebates

    Oh, I’m so excited for this book!  I totally read the excerpt, and I’m totally the type to read ahead in a book (usually only if it’s dragging out), and I’m all for ultrasound peeking!  I loved the first chapter…very much like my own story, thoughts, emotions… and I completely related to you with the whole jealousy/envy.

    I just discovered a website…http://csahm.com…and their description is ‘changing the world one diaper at a time’…hmmm…

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