scoring violation

So, I’ve exchanged a few e-mails with the family pastor at our church concerning the upcoming Sacred Sexuality seminar. The church has a spam-screening program that takes a tally of possibly-offensive words in the e-mails and determines whether or not it should be allowed to go through.

This valuable info was in the last reply I got from the pastor this afternoon. We’ve been hitting reply without deleting the other person’s e-mail, so I guess what he wrote just now put the spam score over the threshold. The bold-faced words are the ones we shouldn’t have used, apparently.

———– Content Information ———–
This email was identified as spam because it exceeded the spam score theshold which is a weighted analysis of key words, phrases, and/or attributes of the email as often ofound in spam emails. Other attributes checked for and scored are the presence of external images (images on external servers), your user ID in the message body, and invisible ink.
Score = 16.3
Score Threshold = 10, or 30%
Scoring detail:
approval (1 found x 0.70 points = 0.70 total)
desire (1 found x 1.00 points = 1.00 total)
Don’t Hesitate (1 found x 3.00 points = 3.00 total)
help (1 found x 0.30 points = 0.30 total)
men (1 found x 2.00 points = 2.00 total)
nothing to (2 found x 1.20 points = 2.40 total)
sex (3 found x 1.00 points = 3.00 total)
to be (4 found x 0.30 points = 1.20 total)
video (5 found x 0.30 points = 1.50 total)
you can (1 found x 0.30 points = 0.30 total)
your response (1 found x 0.90 points = 0.90 total)
26 of 1162 words found (2.2 %) are spam-like
Don’t hesitate is what killed me. In my defense, the pastor used it, not me. And why is men twice as offensive as sex?

Have a great day!

8 thoughts on “scoring violation

  1. terriwright

    I love that. We all know why ‘men’ is twice as offensive as ‘sex’……it’s all the OTHER stuff connec`ted with the little darlings.

    You should send a message containing as many seemingly-innocuous words as possible and try to get a really BIG score!!

  2. jbnygaard

    I never even knew there was anything out there like that! Craziness!!!

    Missed reading your blog while I was gone!!! I still need to go back and update myself on your blog! I’ve got a little something for your girls that I am going to try to send this week. 🙂

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