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EDIT: Okay, I knew I was trying to do too much today. I’ve been getting lots of messages and wondering if these people actually read (as in red, not reed) my post. Yes, they did, and I did a LOUSY job of communicating what I meant. The $1.75 and $1.50 book prices DO NOT include shipping. The figures below are how much you’d have to add to the price of the books to have it shipped to you. Thud, thud, thud (me banging the palm of my hand against my forehead). I’m sooooo sorry for the confusion.

Example: 14 books at $1.50/book + $8.95 flat-rate shipping = $29.95

If you didn’t read my previous post, this one will make no sense to you. It may not even make sense if you did…

I’m not sure how much I’ll be charged to get the books shipped here. I’m getting them for 96 cents apiece plus tax/shipping. They’re coming from across the world (Oregon) via Fed Ex. In the past, tax/shipping has cost me roughly 75 cents/book.

So, if you want 1-10 copies, they’ll be $1.75 each. More than 10 = $1.50 each.

Trying to figure out how much the books will cost to send. Obviously, if you live close, or if we can get together for a visit sometime, I can just deliver them to you free of charge.

Here’s what I know (not much):
I can fit 2 books in a smallish envelope.
To send 1 book = a little over $2
2 books = $2.50

I can fit 3-5 books in a bigger envelope, but price goes up because of the size.
3 books = almost $4 maybe
4 books = $4.50 (I’m guessing here)
5 books = $5 ish

So, let’s say you wanted 7. You could add $5 + $2.50. I also have flat-rate boxes. All I can fit (14 books) for $8.95. And I don’t usually use regular boxes to send media mail, but it may be cheaper. Does anyone know?? I need to find out.

If you know how many books you want, message me. I’ll send you my address and a price. We can negotiate if you don’t like it. If you can get me the $ sooner than later, I can use it to buy the books. (I have until the end of August–eek! Maybe I can sweet talk my way into an extension.)

If you already messaged me, I’m off to message you back and give you some rough figures. Thanks, guys!

5 thoughts on “rough figures

  1. terriwright

    Calm down. It’s OK. You’re wearing me out!

    You know, I always call you ‘Mantovani’ in my head…..that’s an old-fart-music orchestra conductor from a generation ago. But – – – that’s what I say to myself…….’Oh, let’s talk to Mantovani and see how she’s doing’. 

    I was an average person once….

  2. amber_nicole86

    Praying for you, Marla!! As a fellow author, I’m encouraged by your attitude and complete confidence in our Lord! I’ve thought from day one that the cover for “Blushing” didn’t fit you (although I liked the title) and am excited to see where this journey takes you!  He will work this all out in His timing and not ours; just don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

  3. jbnygaard

    Whew! My head is spinning with numbers now! Let me talk to my hubby to make sure the number of books that I would like to buy would be okay with him. I’ll let you know how many I would like.

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