proudly announcing our newest arrival!

The BOOKS are HERE! Thank you, Mr. UPS Man! Three boxes full–come and get ’em! It’s not available on Amazon yet–any day now hopefully. Click here to order. (directly from me) I’ll be sending out an e-mail blast as soon as you can buy it on Amazon. If you’d like to receive the blast to e-mail to friends, please message me your address. (If your addy has changed since the survey, please let me know that too.) Thanks, friends! Happy Day! (the pic of Nina is from this morning’s Paint Time) EDIT: Five points if you can name the little girl in the pic on the fridge and the xanga gal in the pic with Livi. EDIT: Sarah made a good point in her comment. If you pre-order the book from Amazon, you get an extra-bonus 5% off the already reduced Amazon price. 🙂 FINAL EDIT: Ding! Ding! Ding! Jess wins! Little Leah and Cousin Kelly! (fridge pics)

Our newest arrival!

Nina painting

31 thoughts on “proudly announcing our newest arrival!

  1. kellycohan

    Nina is AAA-dorable. Love that “halo” of curly blonde hair she’s got!!

    Congrats on the books!! I love seeing my work in print and I bet it’s a million times better when it’s your heart poured out into words (as opposed to employee benefits info!!)

  2. tugnang

    Just because it is my niece, I am not turning you into the authorities, just kidding, anyways, thanks for letting Gabe come up last week, it was a blast, and Congrats on the book getting to your house, now may it get to many more houses!!!!!!!!! so you can buy me a house, just kidding, hope to see you guys this weekend…….your favorite brother in law, Tug

  3. angntug

    Nina is so pretty, and so’s her mommy! 🙂 Can you bring a book this weekend when you come to Lima and I can pay you then? that way it’ll save you from shipping it out.

  4. mtaviano

    Nikon D-50. They don’t make it any more, but they have the D40, D70, D60… It’s Gabe’s “professional” camera, but I borrow it. A lot. (it’s the only one we have)

  5. ladymiss3739

    Love the paint time picture! And you’re not wearing a wedding ring…everything okay between you and Gabe, or did his mocking session push you over the edge?
    So exciting about your book! I don’t think I got an e-mail about the book…send me one at
    And I’d be cheating to guess who the girl is in the picture. But I actually have no clue who’s in the picture with Livi…Has Kristen ever met you in real life?

  6. rachmckinney

    yay!!!!! how exciting is that!!?? can’t wait to read the whole thing. the chapter peek gave me excitement for the rest. well, you’re right . being a good mommy is hard work. but you are a good mom. don’t let satan tell you differently (a battle all us moms fight, i think) have a good snow day!

  7. rocknnell

    Nina…the hair…she is just incredible….YOUR BOOK…in YOUR HANDS…amazing what is in your heart, to your brain, on your fingers..and NOW, NOW in print !  Praying over that box….each word…..each word…received the way GOD intends…!  HOW COOL is this ?  Nina………. “God love her” smile.

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