postcards! get your postcards here!

My promo postcards for Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time arrived today via UPS. Woohoo! All 10,000 of them. (well, one-fourth of them were lost in transit…I’m sure they’ll show up.) I like ’em! They have a pretty blue border.

I had a small freak-out moment when I saw that the website on the cards is Uhhhh…NOT MY WEBSITE! That would be

GABE to the RESCUE! He bought for $10 tonight and had it redirect to our real site. Whew! I was not looking forward to correcting 10,000 postcards. All is well!

So, who wants some postcards? Give ’em to your friends, take ’em to family reunions, put ’em in Easter baskets…

Just tell me how many you want, and they’re yours. 10, 25, 50, 100, 500. Seriously. Please take them. I still have 4,000 for Is That All? Let me know if you want some of those too.

Thanks, friends!

16 thoughts on “postcards! get your postcards here!

  1. M3mine

    I got to skim through my daughter’s book (Megan B.—the2bryants) the other day. It is wonderful!!  If she doesn’t ask for some postcards, we should for our Women’s banquet this spring.  I’ll talk to her today about it. And my other daughter has BOTH your other books.  These girls are too quiet!  I didn’t know.  I’ve been wanting to read them, even though I’m 54, been married 32 years (did I miss some things???) and a mother of three and a grandma of one and one coming soon. 

  2. CamilleElizabeth

    Good thing Gabe has the skills to fix that “little” mix-up!! Yikes! I would have been freaking out, too!

    I’m a few chapters into the book, and I gave another copy away yesterday!


    Talk to you soon!

  3. GracefulKiki

    Could I have 100 of each?  My address is:

    Kelly Campbell

    5411 Fallwood Drive Apt 106

    Indianapolis, IN 46220

    You put out a baby book just in time…I have 3 friends who are preggers and guess what they are getting!?  🙂 

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