oooh! how fun! hoo-wee!!

Guess what I just saw for the first time? The cover of my new book (Expecting)! Ooooh! I’m so excited!! And so sad that so many of you will be done/almost done being pregnant by January 6 when it releases. Anybody have an announcement…?

18 thoughts on “oooh! how fun! hoo-wee!!

  1. schmett73

    Beautiful!!!!  Wow, Marla, that’s the most serene cover I think I’ve ever seen.  Really a wonderful reminder to treasure those moments of anticipation, because as you and I know, our kids grow too quickly.  We’re done having babies but I’m going to buy it and read it anyway, because… well… you’re one of my favorite writers!  That’s as good a reason as any to read it, right? 

  2. Nixter77

    I will be done but hopefully soon after there will be another one on the way 😉

    I want to get one anyhoo.

    You could of had me model for the front cover but I don’t think my bump would have fit on the one page. Oh well!

  3. faithchick

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!   it’s beauti-ful!

    I hope to be still pregnant then, so i’ll cram it in in 2 days.   maybe while i’m delivering i’ll have matt read it to me.

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