i’m at a loss…

for words. I usually have lots of words. I can’t think of anything to write tonight. I just felt like I should blog since it’s been so long. Hmmm…what can I share from my life?

Well, my book is coming out Wednesday, so that’s fun. I’ve been freaking out about it on a small scale, thinking, “why in the world did I write such-and-such?” I read the first chapter to Gabe in the car the other day–he hasn’t read the rest of it yet–and he asked, “Was our first year of marriage really that bad for you?” I tried to explain that people don’t want to hear how fabulous your marriage is and so on and so forth… This whole deal is just making me nervous. And then there’s the stuff I wrote about my mom in the “sex” chapter. She about died when she read it. She’s okay now. 🙂

Anyway, to be honest, I’m proud of the book, but I know for a fact that God gave me all the words, so I can’t really take any credit. Well, there might be a couple parts in the book that I thought of on my own, and He really shouldn’t be blamed for them. 🙂

I feel really blessed to be able to do what I love and stay at home with my babies. I’m even in the middle of a freelance writing job right now that pays more than my books ever will. Any day now, we should be out of debt… Okay, so not quite. At least we should be credit card debt-free by 2007.

My honest prayer is that this book (and any others that follow) will really touch people’s hearts, bless their marriages, and make them more excited about following Christ. I think God is going to answer that prayer in the affirmative.

Yea, God! I love you!

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