i’ll be back

on February 1st.

I’ve got a big writing project with a January 30 deadline, and I’ve concluded that if I’m to meet the deadline without killing myself, something has to go. I don’t have a whole lot of non-essential extras I can give up. Xanga was the obvious choice.

So, (sniff, sniff) I’ll see you in a few days!

A couple (four) items of business:

1.) I’d still looooooove to have a handful of you write a review for me on amazon. Thank you!

2.) If you need to get in touch with me (or just want to say hi!), call, e-mail, or contact me here.

3.) I’m getting a million postcards from Fed Ex on Monday for the new book. If you want 25, 50, or 100, please let me know!

*4.) I’d appreciate your prayers this week as I try to get more sleep, love my family, and get this book proposal done and done well–all at the same time. Thank you!

And thank you, Kimberly and Kerri, for watching our girls last night. You were awesome, they LOVED you, and they want to know when you’re coming back. Feel free to post any pics you took while we were gone–even if they’ll embarrass me.

Until we meet again! XOXOXOXO

10 thoughts on “i’ll be back

  1. gsowell

    Sad that I’ll have to live without your updates for so long, but lucky me– I still have 2 or 3 chapters of Is That All… to read, so I can still have my daily dose of Marla. And I’ll head to Amazon when I get finished!

  2. KmHunsberger

    Feb 1 sounds like so far away! We will all miss you! I cannot wait to hear about the new book you are proposing. I love the one you just gave me…I am about half way through it. I tried to review on amazon too…but it wouldn’t let me either. Any ideas? Have a most wonderful 1.5 weeks!

  3. ladymiss3739

    I will miss you…but I’ll check back anyway JUST in case you decide to break your rule and write a little something.  😉  Anyway, had to tell you that I got a local Christian bookstore sale magazine in the mail this weekend – your book, picture and all is right in the middle of it (and it’s 32 pages)!!!  So exciting to see and wasn’t sure if you knew!  Have fun writing…. 

  4. stephaniedawnbasham

    I’ll take 50 postcards! There are lots of young married women at my church (and lots of older married women too!) 🙂 Also, I tried to write a review for you on Amazon, but it wouldn’t let me because I didn’t buy the book from them. I think that’s dumb, but I guess it’s the rule. Blah. And I’ll miss you until February! Don’t forget about me until then…

  5. YoGrandmaYo

    Dad and I will take 50 postcards…..to start with, at least.:)  By the way, your grandma Figley loved your book, and she asked me if I had a couple more she could buy.:)  You know I’ll be praying!:)

  6. tonialynn59

    What will we do without you on Xanga??  I will keep you in special prayer as you meet your deadline!  you can send me 25 cards if you want to.  I’ve passed out most of the BB cards that I could.  I would be happy to write a review but oh man is that stretching me.  I’m not a writer!

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