i need some help, yo!

No, I’m not referring to YoYoYoder (sis), JessYoMama (sis-n-law) or YoGrandmaYo (mama). I’m referring to all of y’all, yo! (Wow, I’m freakily reminding myself of those adults who say, “Not!” and “Duh!” and “Grody!” way past their time…)

I’ll be 32 in exactly one week. Sorry, that has nothing to do with anything. It just hit me. My twin sister Emily turns 32 today. If you’re reading this, Em, Happy Birthday! 32 actually sounds more fun than 31.

So, here’s what I need if you’re so inclined. I need little blurbs from your first year of motherhood. Well, your baby’s first year of life–so, it’s okay if it’s your 2nd, 4th, 10th kid. I need to hear about some goof-ups, mess-ups, screw-ups. Stuff you did out of ignorance, sleep-deprivation, whatever. Mothering mistakes you made and survived. If you could keep them to 100 words or less, that’d be swell. If you can’t possibly condense them, I’ll do it myself. I like to edit.

12 chapters in the book. 11 are technically complete–just need lots and lots of tweaking. Your “oops!” stories will make up the bulk of the remaining chapter. If you could get them to me by Friday, that’d be splendid.

Thanks for all your happy, encouraging comments yesterday. I got some clutter cleared out last night and this morning–my girlies helped. And I’m definitely going to do the get-away. Yes, we’re really going somewhere. For 5-7 days–somewhere that you can only get to by plane and that is warm in January. (No, Nixie, probably not Oz–soon!) Book advances can be used for many things–bills, new couches, etc. But your 10-year anniversary is pretty special, eh?

The girls and I are doing Operation Christmas Child again this year. It is such a great ministry and teaches the girls so much. We have great talks about how blessed we are and what a great opportunity we have to bless others.

Finding joy in mommy-hood today. Slow walks down leaf-lined sidewalks, beads in hair for school, games and puzzles and books. I have a really cool job.

I fell off the Facebook planet for awhile there, but jumped back on a couple days ago. I’m (re-)connecting with some of the coolest people. God works in amazing, amazing ways!

I’m doing the blank stare thing again. Whatever else I had to say will have to be dug out of my brain matter at a later time. Have a great afternoon!

15 thoughts on “i need some help, yo!

  1. Anonymous

    Yeeeeeaah, car seats.  Oiy.  I took Abigail to the grocery too close to nap time when she was pretty young… figured she sleep and all would be great.  She got really mad for whatever reason and I took her out to sooth her and ended up shopping and carring her through the store.  When she fell asleep I gently sat her back into her car seat without buckling her so not wake her.  Figured I’d buckle her when we got into the car because the ride would sooth her again if she woke up.  Just wanted to get the shopping done without the screaming child.  Yep, you can guess… covered her with a small blanket… and totally forgot to rebuckle her.  My eyes poped wide open about three blocks from home when I remembered what I had forgotten!  Whew. 

    Sadly enough, you’d think that panic would have burned that memory into my head FOR_EV_ER.  Nope.  Did it again not that long after.  Pulled over and buckled her in right on the spot.  Mommy brain.  His mercies are new each day, huh?!

  2. kkakwright

    k3rry was a year old.  i left him and addy downstairs, i went up to get a diaper because he had filled his pants.  came back downstairs 5 minutes later to find him eating dirt.  hmmm…he must have gotten into one of my house plants.  two seconds later, my nose told me it was not dirt.  he had eaten 80% of the contents of his diaper.  i had to soak q-tips in warm water to get it out of his nostrils and ears.

    i would pull the car over to adjust addy’s head when she was a newborn.  you know how newborn’s heads always flop over in their carseat.

    i’m sure my mom could come up with a million funny/stupid/crazy things i’ve done.

    i need to think on this one some more.  i’ll message you if i think of anything else.  

  3. jessyomama

    Hm, let’s pick the best one… How about when I set Gavin on our ottoman (when he was a few weeks old) to go to the bathroom. “oh, he won’t go anywhere” except that i forgot about his two ever-loving, always-helping-entertain-the-baby siblings. Well, at that exact moment in Gavin’s life, he was terrified of 21-month old Ethan (and rightly so) and kicked his way right over the edge. I found him laying on a pile of folded clothes or something, belly down, back arched (he was MAD) and screaming! Oops! What was that little side note in the baby book about not leaving babies alone with older siblings? Hm…

  4. terriwright

    1. John was a month old before it occurred to me that I should uncurl his little fists and wash in there. He had dustballs the size of Chicago.

    2. John wore cloth diapers with plastic pants over. If you forget the plastic pants, your lap will be very soggy by the end of church.

    3. Toddlers left to play on the (enclosed) front porch will eat ants. Ants do NOT scrape easily off toddler tongues.

    4. Do not place your child’s playpen close to the aquarium. Matthew stood on toys in able to reach the edge of the aquarium in order to pull it down into his playpen on top of his legs. Luckily, all we ended up with was a drenched baby(with bruised legs, and LOTS of floppy fish and gravel in the playpen. God takes care of fools and children.

    Let me know when you write the teenager book – –  -I have a bunch of those, too!!!!

  5. Nixter77

    As I can’t comment on the baby one yet! I thought I would just say that Australia is very warm in January 😉 But it’s pretty lovely all year round – s you can come ANYTIME!!!!

  6. faithchick

    how’s your twin?

    kristin is hilarious. 

    how about the time i about flipped out when i realized points 1 and 2 of my newborn’s 5-point carseat harness were not attached.  she was about 4 weeks old.  i stopped the car immediately to attach it.   i never ever ever told anyone until about 18 mos. later.  i realize now that it’s not a HUGE deal (since points 3 4 and 5 were still there!), but not so great either.)

    oh…i thought of another one.  i’ll message you.  it definitely requires an alias.

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