i can’t believe i’m telling you this…

With a little prodding from my husband, I’m letting anyone who cares (and all those that don’t as well) know that the radio interview I’m doing tomorrow morning  is being broadcast live over the internet. None of the others have been, and I was IMing Gabe this morning at work saying that I’ve always found great comfort in knowing that no one I know can hear me. “Comfort this!” he said. (Always the encourager.) “Tell them to listen!”

So, yeah, I’m jumping out of my comfort zone to tell you that if you happen to be up and about and near a computer at 8:35 am (ET) tomorrow, you can listen to me talk about Blushing at www.kbjs.org. Just click here. There’s a link to listen live.

The station is in TX and only my 5th interview ever. The others were in MN, WA, PA, and NY. I have one in KS next month. So random. They make me squeamish. I feel like I won’t know what to say and who would want to listen to me anyway? Especially when this guy is interviewing famous authors whose stuff I’ve read.

Oh, well. I will just pray, like always, that God will be glorified, and if He wants me to be humbled, He’ll wait until the interview is over and humble me when no one is looking (or listening rather). HA!

A quick random list before I go…

1. I am finally caving in and making an appt w/the chiropractor tomorrow. Some mornings I can’t even get out of bed w/o crying, and this was one of those mornings. Since the pain usually subsides after awhile, I usually ignore it. Not today.

2. I have 5 husband surveys! Yea for those brave hubbies!

3. Congratulations to faithchick and her hubby and daughter–baby #2 is on the way!

4. My friend Cami took the girls’ pictures yesterday. We did them inside because of the weather and she’s doing outside ones next week. When she gets them all finished, you’ll be able to view a slideshow of them on her site. I can’t wait!

5. Time to clean house for another showing. Waiting PATIENTLY on the Lord for one of them to buy it.

Have a great Thursday!

17 thoughts on “i can’t believe i’m telling you this…

  1. scottnjes

    AAAAAHHHHH! I just now read your post! I can’t believe i missed your interview! How incredibly sad! I’m sure it went well and that you did great.

     I loved reading Ava’s birth story. How sweet! I’m hoping for one just like it next time.  Isn’t it amazing how interesting birth stories are after you’ve given birth? They’re just so beautiful!

  2. hcole86

    Still praying for you about your house. Hope it all turns out well….you haven’t moved yet have you?

    You should post some pictures soon! Nina must be really big now….six months?

  3. Bweter

    I missed your interview yesterday.. I was so bummed but faithchick filled me in!  SHe said you were great! I can’t wait to read this book everyone raves about! Have a great weekend!

  4. biblestorebrowser

    Shucks. I haven’t been online for a few days and missed your announcement. 🙁
    Faithchick’s comments remind me: Did my cousin ever email you? She wrote a nice note (snail mail!) to me telling what perfect timing the book was for her and how much she needed to hear those things. She’s pretty busy, so she might not have had a chance to write, but I thought you’d like to hear.
    I’d been wondering about your back, but forgot to ask. Hope the adjustment lasts!

  5. faithchick

    oh yeah…and i forgot…i was supposed to give you a beauticontrol sales pitch, remember??? Here are some ideas I had: All Clear has a body wash. (same line that i used on my face.)
    There’s a microderm abrasion made for the body, too…and helps even out & smooth the skin. (I used the face version and i love it a lot!) (It’s kinda pricey, though.)

    finally, there’s several different scents of body scrubs that would help exfoliate the areas & smooth them out. And one thing that i’ve learned lately…after exfoliation it’s so important to moisturize-those 2 things work together… 😉

    I’ll e-mail you a few links…or at least i’ll try…the beauticonrol website times-out sometimes, so links don’t always stay active…i’ll give it a shot though. 😉

  6. faithchick

    oh! I just dropped by your site real quick-like to see if you had read my 3:02 comment. (she mentioned the book again last night by the way…quite an impressino you leave on your readers!), and then I remembered the radio show…but don’t worry….I’m “not” going to listen… 😉 😉 😉

  7. faithchick

    did i tell you i gave the extra copy of your book to a friend?

    well, she told me just about 15 minutes ago that she started reading it, and it made her cry b/c she thought she was the only one who was dealing with those things. 😉

    one more encouraged by you!

  8. faithchick

    I will tell you that i’m not going to listen, so that you think that someone you know isn’t going to listen…but, then i’ll listen anyways. 🙂

    thanks for the mention on your site!! 🙂 (I’m still in shock!)

    and…i haven’t forgotten about matt taking the hubby survey. As soon as vbs week is over, I’ll have him do it. 🙂

    so sorry to hear about your back, too. 🙁 that is no fun… 🙁

  9. ch1pch0p

    I’ll do my best to listen!

    I started the book last night (and almost finished it…), and can I just tell you how nice it is to know that “everyone” argues in the car…even if they’re only in there for five minutes!?!? Such a relief!

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