humbly asking for your help

How would you describe your relationship with your in-laws? I’m dying to know! I don’t want this blog to sound like a “please buy the books I write” plug, but I’m drawing up a proposal for book #3 and I can’t do it without you! So instead of asking you to buy a book, I will offer you a free one in exchange for your help.

Here’s the scoop. Lots of you filled out surveys for Blushing Bride and Is That All He Thinks About? You did awesome, and I used so much of what you said in the books. The next one is about learning to love your in-laws. I’m hoping to pick your brains again–as well as the brains of some of my new xanga girlfriends.

Next week there will be a survey on that you can fill out online. Anyone who completes it will get a free book when it comes out. If you don’t want to wait that long, I might be able to send you Blushing instead or the sex book when it comes out in Dec. There will be a place for you to designate whether or not you’d like your name changed if I use your quotes in the book. In Blushing, I changed a couple names or just said, “A friend of mine says…” I tried to be sensitive when the comments were really personal, but I know it’s fun to see your name in a book. 🙂 In the sex one, I pretty much changed all the names. In fact, the surveys were sent to me anonymously. You have that option this time, too, but how will I know that you need a free book?

So, just giving you a heads-up for next week. Tell all your married (or soon-to-be-married) girlfriends! I don’t have to know them personally.

Thanks, friends! I’ll let you know when the survey is up and ready!

15 thoughts on “humbly asking for your help

  1. rachmckinney

    i am a friend of faith chick’s(one of the girls in the SH camp pictures) i would love to do your survey! this week, right? i will check it out andfill it out if i can find it 🙂 and i do remember the name gabe the babe! so funny, sucha small world!

  2. faithchick

    I got your book today!! 🙂
    It came right before we walked out the door…i skimmed it really quickly, and now the baby is in bed, and matt had to run to the store…so i’m going to sit down and start it. i’ve been dying to sit down with it all night. it looks really good…and it’s even more exciting because i know you!!! 🙂 thanks for the note, too…you have really pretty handwriting. 😉
    i already gave away one of those postcards…and i will definitely hand out the rest.

    where can i buy a copy quickly? i’d like to give one to someone as a gift tomorrow (sat.) nothing like waiting til the last minute!! 🙂

    anyways…thank you so much!!!! 🙂
    and i’m going to wait til monday to try the spark since it’ll be a normal routine day. 😉

  3. Bweter

    I will gladly help you out!  I am a friend of Faithchick! Just let me know what you need and when!  That sounds like a great book idea! Good luck! 

  4. faithchick

    hey…i’ve been thinking more about it & I completely remember hearing gabe’s name at camp a lot (mostly i remember hearing “taviano”) and i think…could be wrong…but i think that mabye my friend’s boyfriend was in his cabin! …whoever’s cabin he was in…he gave him a run for his money b/c he was a very emotional/volitle person… 😉

  5. KmHunsberger

    Your marriage proposal sounds great…your girls are adorable, they sound like they have great personalities, Manda thinks that you and your husband are great…so Landon would have good in-laws…should we start the proceedings? 😀

  6. hcole86

    Sounds like fun! I don’t have in-laws though, but I do see my sister’s in-laws a lot… And I know how she reacts to them! It’s easy – cause they’re so like Mum and Dad.

    Thanks for the offer too! I would love that, will email you today 🙂

  7. YoYoYoder

    I’ll do it too! Oh! And what are you guys doing tomorrow!?! Skipping work sounds like fun! I’ll have to ask Stewart. Oh, and I have to be back by 4pm, is that okay?? I miss and love you guys and want to see you!

    Oh! And did I tell you that I got to baby-sit Thomas today? He’s taking his nap right now! He’s SOO cute! I’m going to post some pics of him on my Xanga soon! Love you!

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