good-bye, Anne!

It breaks my heart to send Anne back to the library, but she’s due tomorrow and we’re leaving for TN. I just may have to break down and buy the DVDs for myself.

Anyone else want a book before I leave? Gabe is mailing some out tomorrow. I was getting a few ready last night and Livi picked up one of the packages.

“Is this your book?”


“There are still people out there that don’t have your book?!”

Ha! Yeah, like one or two. 🙂

Other Livi-isms:

Ava: (throwing an absolute fit upstairs)
Me (to Livi): What are we going to do with her?
Livi: (shrugs and smiles) Sell her?

My editor sent me the rough draft of my back cover copy for Is That All He Thinks About? today. Asked for Gabe’s approval of a “quote” they want to put on the back of the book.

“Buy this book, read it, and do everything Marla says.”
Gabe Taviano, Marla’s husband

Ha! He gave it two thumbs up.

Speaking of funny stories, you’ve got to read this charming tale about a hubby with deep, dark secrets. 🙂

No Awana tonight. Which means there probably won’t be any tornadoes either. Have a great afternoon/evening!

16 thoughts on “good-bye, Anne!

  1. ladyjabez

    Krista… I recall the naps…… actually I was there when they started “liking” each other – it was a weekend in 1996 when Matt took everyone down to this lake to camp and water ski on the Millers boat (remember them?) – anyways…. Gabe was goofing off and got hurt and Matt and Marla and I took Gabe to this little dinky Hick Emergency Room to get stitches……. ah…… the memories…..

  2. biblestorebrowser

    And I thought last week’s podcast was great! Terrific job, Mrs. Godsmac! What a smooth radio voice you have (when you’re not calling from hundreds/thousands of miles away)!
    Don’t forget to post pics when you get back!

  3. jbnygaard

    Livi is WAY too cute! Will she be at school when we come over? I hope not! I’d love to meet your little comedian! 🙂

    How sweet of your hubby! I think you should keep him around. 🙂 🙂

  4. Nixter77

    That’s just lovely Gabe…  I loved the quote and your little entry here.  Gabe = rocks!

    I pray you all have a wonderful holiday in the Smokies.  Have fun.

  5. kkakwright

    Anne of Green Gables = good investment

    Ava = absolutely priceless.

    Gabe = good catch.  I remember watching you guys make eyes at each other across the dining hall and the pop shop. I recall Gabe taking naps in the pop shop too.  🙂

  6. jennikim

    hey, i just read your article in inspire and thought id leave a note saying i stopped by. your entries are always entertaining to read and i often stop by after reading comments on ch1pch0p or other xangas. 🙂

    such cute comments from your daughter!

  7. gtaviano

    Ladies and ladies – I always feel like I am intruding when I enter the mtaviano community. I am looking forward to the discussions regarding “my quote” on the back cover of the next book. You’d think with such a courageous subject for Marla to cover that I’d stay away from this one! Our God gives us all the amazing opportunity to experience a marriage unlike anything culture could sell us for all the wealth in the world.

    I am proud of my wife and that she doesn’t dodge the bullets. I appreciate you all encouraging her! Sometimes being an author isn’t quite as precious as some think it is. It’s challenging and requires some intense leading by the Spirit. No author is like any other and I praise the Lord for the way He speaks through the one I married. This book will change lives and marriages…..I proudly endorse it!

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