give me some names!

EDIT: When you send me names, could you also put the name of their church/ministry? If there isn’t one, that’s okay.
Harvest House is sending a free copy of Is That All He Thinks About? to any 60 people I choose–I just have to provide them with a list of names and addresses. The catch is this–they’re looking for “influential” people such as pastors, wedding coordinators, counselors, librarians, bookstore owners, radio show hosts, people in women’s/marriage ministries (anyone who could promote/share the book with others).

I have about 20 names. If you know anyone who fits any of the above descriptions, could you message me their name, title, and address ASAP? If YOU fit the description and want a free book, that’s cool too. 🙂

Really quick–thanks so much for your positive response to a book on this topic. God deserves 100% of the glory for any good that comes out of it, and I deserve 100% of the blame for anything bad. He is really, truly answering my prayers for it already, and I feel really humbled and blessed. Your personal (and discreet) stories of how your husbands (and you!) are benefiting from it are soooooo encouraging–and very entertaining. 🙂 They’d make a great blog. KIDDING. What comes to me as a xanga message stays in my xanga message box. 🙂

Happy Weekend!

15 thoughts on “give me some names!

  1. dnkneer

    I’ll mail you a check. No big hurry. Just whenever you can send them. I am not sure exactly who the books will be going to just yet to tell you who to sign them for. I just know that I will want to share them. Perhaps they will go to friends I know now or maybe people I don’t even know yet. 🙂 That’s what is so cool about our little book-giving ministry…heeheheehe…I never know what will happen.

    Anyways, I look forward to more of your comments!! I will start commenting more on your site too. I guess I’m guilty of “lurking” on peoples’ sites cuz I’m just not sure if they want my comments or not…

  2. dnkneer

    Hey, thanks for commenting! (People rarely comment on my blog……*sigh* basically just you and Bethany!!) That deal sounds awesome to me. 🙂 I appreciate it. Should I send you a check or what?

  3. dnkneer

    Ok. I just want to say that I love your book. 🙂 You are a very gifted writer. David saw it lying there with the mail the day I got it and started reading it and wouldn’t hardly give it up. (I know, he’s probaby not supposed to, but yeah…) We are so glad to see the TRUTH written about Satan and his sneaky ways (pg. 38, 39)

    Can you add me to your list of people who get a book??? You don’t have to but…. It’s just that Dave & I are EXTREME book promoters. Every time we read a book we like we start buying more copies and we give them away to family, friends, people we meet on the street… I already gave my copy of Blushing Bride away… I will probably have to buy some more copies of both of these books soon. Too good to not share!

  4. amber_nicole86

    Thank you for your prayers!

    I am feeling okay – a bit stressed with being a full-time student and approving everything for Breathtaking  before typesetting – but God is good!

    So happy to hear your book is out and doing well! I can’t wait to get a husband of my own and put your advice into practice. 😀

  5. faithchick

    oprah. 😀 Dr. Phil.
    (I think I have a person or 2 that I can think of…i’ll send them to you.)
    Thanks for the copy. 🙂 I’m definitely a category D girl-so it would have taken lots of guts to actually purchase it at a store…much better to have it arrive sealed safely in an opaque envelope. 😉 (with an adorable bonus picture & autograph, too!)

    But, really…it’s a fabulous, fabulous book. The bambina has been sleeping for an hour & a half. So I’ve been devouring it. 🙂

    you & your thoughts are a blessing!!!!!!!!!!
    (I feel so bad that you thought I hated it! 😛 never!)

  6. gsowell

    And a thousand thank yous for the picture of your girls. They will be added to my fridge front which I use as a prayer list of sorts (I’ll pray for their mama, too!).

  7. gsowell

    I got a completely unexpected copy in the mail today. Was that part of your 60? I was surprised because I intended to send you $10 BEFORE I got a book! Let me know what I owe you, dear friend.

  8. ch1pch0p

    I’m probably not allowed to tell you how I’ve benefitted, huh? JUST KIDDING! I haven’t even read it yet! I might be able to give you a name or two! Lemme think about it.

  9. jbnygaard

    My husband just smiles when I pick up your book to read. He LOVES the book, even though he hasn’t read it yet! 🙂

    I have a couple names to e-mail you. I’ll send them your way.

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