drumroll please

Okay, so this might be anti-climactic, but I was telling someone the title of my new book yesterday and thought, “Have I even told the xanga girls yet?” I honestly can’t remember. So…here it is:

Changing Your World, One Diaper at a Time (subtitle to be determined)

If you already knew that, well, let’s just move on. My agent came up with it, and I love it, but it’s my third book, third huge title. One of these days, I’m doing a one-worder. Or maybe a two-worder.

So, someone was trying to call me yesterday and said my phone was busy all day. ??? Turns out our phone company (new, cheap start-up) went under. One of Gabe’s co-workers saw it on CNN. So, we have no phone (except cell phones) and haven’t heard squat from the company. Nice.

Monday’s lunch meeting went very well. Thank you for praying. All is fixed and forgiven. Lessons have been learned. No hard feelings. And I was actually honored that God used me to help some people learn what not to do next time.

Gabe went out last night to rent a movie. I was craving something sweet and needed milk anyway, so I asked him to get me some Swedish fish. The grocery store didn’t have any, and he didn’t have his cell phone, so he got me some chocolate. Good man.

So, I did something very brave and exciting last night. I called a babysitter. A real one that you pay. In the past, we’ve only used our parents or swapped with other moms or bribed Kimberly with pizza or Mexican. (heehee) And I paid my sister a couple times before she got married and moved far away. (She would’ve done it for free, but I hate to take advantage of people, and she was engaged and jobless.) A friend gave me a list of girls at church who babysit. We’ve decided that we desperately need a date night every week, no matter how much it cost. And I plan to pay them well, so they’ll come back!

I know this girl’s mom from Bible study, so I talked to the mom first. She’s a doll. I was so nervous about calling a babysitter. It’s actually easier for me to get up and talk to 50 women about sex. Seriously. Speaking of, I’m doing that Sacred Sexuality Seminar at my church on Saturday from 9-11 if anyone wants to come. I’d love your prayers too!

Livi and Ava were awake at 3:20 wanting a drink. I had a flashback to the days when I would stumble out of bed in the middle of the night and literally feel like death would be more welcome than taking another step toward a needy child. God’s way of reminding me how tough those early months are–and how un-tired I am now compared to that.

It rained and rained and rained last night. It was wonderful. Have a wet and wild Wednesday!

18 thoughts on “drumroll please

  1. tonialynn59

    I love the book title!  Also that is great that you are getting a babysitter and doing a date night.  For what it is worth, I don’t think that family should always be the babysitters.  I mean I can’t wait till I have grandkids and take them and I know I will babysit etc. but I think it is good for kids to have others sit for them too.  There’s nothing wrong with family babysitting at all.  Just think it is good that it not always be the case.  I wish I could come to your seminar on Sat.  I’ll be praying for you!

  2. cnyoder

    “I had a flashback to the days when I would stumble out of bed in the middle of the night and literally feel like death would be more welcome than taking another step toward a needy child. God’s way of reminding me how tough those early months are–and how un-tired I am now compared to that.”

    Wow ~ I can’t wait.  (Dripping with sarcasm.)

    When does the new book with the awesome title come out?  I’ll probably need it!

  3. allieanne

    When I was in middle school I would have never thought the mom’s that called me to baby sit were scared! I know I was scared and nervous. So try and remember that the girls you call are probably more nervous than you. and I always said no if I didn’t want to baby sit ( I was especially nervous with babies and would say no to families with them). then I always felt like they thought I didn’t want to ever baby sit again– so eventually people stopped calling. It probably didn’t help me cause there were a lot of eager girls in our church willing to baby sit. Oh well.

    Love the book title. my friend wants to write a book and call it “Low Riders weren’t made for this” or something along those lines… now don’t anybody steal her title 🙂

  4. terriwright

    Great title! Catchy…it will MAKE women buy the book!

    We always had church girls babysit. Some of my boys’ greatest stories are about things they AND the babysitter did while we were out……I’m glad I didn’t know sooner.

    NOTHING beats cuddled in bed with rain pouring down. Except some great thunder to go with it.

  5. CamilleElizabeth

    That is crazy about your (old) phone company!! Oh my goodness. Well, good thing I decided to IM you yesterday instead of calling… 🙂

    Just wanted to say hi but now I have to go because Andrew is insisting that I “turn off dat compooter” and read to him.

  6. ch1pch0p

    I’m a little sad, but I understand. And I probably wouldn’t be available on a weekly basis! I guess we’ll just have to be real friends instead!

  7. jennikim

    love the title! and yay for date nights!! im too scared to call a “real” baby sitter, but thankfully up to this point, family has been able to help out!

  8. mtaviano

    ^That’s why I called her mom first, so she wouldn’t feel like I was putting her on the spot. Then Mom called me back, said she was interested, then I talked to the girl.

  9. faithchick

    subtite: “sometimes it’s nice & dry and sometimes it’s full of poop”

    i’m always afraid to call a babysitter, too. i dont know what it is. i always thing people feel obligated to say yes and that they’ll come over & not really want to be here.

    you’ve inspired me. we used to always say that we’d go on a date once a week, but lately they’ve turned into family date nights. not nearly as exciting.

  10. gsowell

    Fun title! When’s the date with the babysitter? We should do that, too, but we haven’t. I don’t know if we could do weekly, but monthly would be a nice start, right? Ugh. We have become a sad shell of our former dating selves!

  11. Marketer319

    I like it too! Looking forward to reading it.

    As for the phone – I’d REALLY recommend AT&T.  We just got htem this month and when our phone went out last week they had someone here within an hour to check it, no charge.  That’s my favorite part.

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