caught in the act

I can’t really go much of anywhere without a pen and some kind of paper. Thoughts are constantly swirling through my head, and it’s either write ’em down or kiss ’em goodbye.

Gabe’s mom and dad are hanging out with our kiddos for a couple days, and we’ve been enjoying nature, sharing hopes and dreams, playing on our computers, and eating food I didn’t cook.

Gabe was taking some HDR shots of some beautiful falls at Old Man’s Cave in Logan, OH (check out some more of his photos here), and I was crystallizing some thoughts when he snapped this pic. I had no idea the camera was on me, or I would have struck a more flattering pose. Looks comfy, no?

Anybody else take a notebook and pen with you wherever you go?

8 thoughts on “caught in the act

  1. Gaylene

    Of course! and if I don’t have it I have my phone that has a notepad that I often use as well.

    have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the time with your husband!

  2. kendal

    i scrawl notes on all kinds of things – envelopes, receipts, little notebooks….but my very best thoughts happen when i’m running. this is a problem. anyone got an answer to that one?

  3. Kathi

    Everywhere. Three and one half note books in the bag with me all the time. My husband won’t let me complain about my shoulders hurting anymore because the cause is obvious; the bag is too stinking heavy.

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