bun in the oven

No, not my oven. Well, Liz did use my oven to make her Secret Recipe Sticky Buns the other morning. But I digress.

I’m tired tonight and don’t even remember what I did today. So, I’m going to default to talking about Expecting. If you don’t know, that’s the title of my newest book. And it’s pretty much about what you might think it’s about–Expecting. A baby in particular.

I’m not going to be falsely humble. I like the book. A lot. I think it’s really swell. I’m a little sad that I didn’t write it sooner–then I could’ve actually filled one out while I was pregnant. But I had considerably less wisdom to share back then, I suppose.

I’m more than a little sad that some of my friends would give an arm and a leg to be reading the book and writing in it while it rests on their swollen, gestating belly. Instead, they’re still waiting on that positive pregnancy test–trusting God day-by-day that His timing is perfect, His plans are best. I hurt for them

Some of my friends had a swollen baby belly, but it’s empty now. And their arms are empty too. Oh, my heart aches for them.

God, love on these dear women today–these girls who are longing for a baby to mother. Work some miracles, open some wombs, heal some hearts.

I feel a little more comfortable bragging on this book than the others, because so many more people had a hand in it. I, of course, didn’t illustrate it. A gal named Katherine Cody Kicklighter (cool name) did. And Philis Boultinghouse at Howard Books came up with a lot of the “chapter titles.” I hadn’t even thought of giving each week a theme really. She approached me with the idea after I’d already written a bunch of the book, and I reworked some stuff. And it worked. And the folks at Howard did an amazing job of putting it all together and making it look sweet and pretty.

And I just got some SUPER news. As of April 1, Expecting has sold 6,675 copies (in less than three months). It’s kicking my other books’ booties. My friend Kelly sent me an iPhone pic of the book in Lifeway the other day with one of those signs in front of it that says, “LifeWay Recommends…” That was cool. And I was browsing the New Books section at my local library last week and did a double-take when I saw it propped up, facing out, on a little stand on the shelf. Then a gal at Howard told me that someone from Family Bookstore in Dallas told her at the Christian Book Expo that it’s selling so fast they can’t keep it in stock.

I don’t really know how to handle this kind of information. Except to get down on my face and give God all the glory. This is foreign to me. I like it, but I absolutely want/need to keep it all in perspective. It’s not about me. It’s about what God wants to do through this book.

Here’s what I’m most PSYCHED about: getting it in the hands of women/girls who are considering abortion. Would you pray with me that God would use these words to save some precious babies’ lives?

One gal e-mailed me and told me that Expecting and her in-utero baby are the same age. Both “published” (ahem) at the beginning of January. Cute. This same gal told me that she’s praying through the book AND her mom and mother-in-law both have their own copy, so they can pray for the baby too. Oh my word. Now, that’s brilliant. (But maybe you shouldn’t take the author’s word for it.)

I have lots of copies of the book on hand (and lots o’ lots o’ of copies of Blushing), so if you want to order a copy of Expecting before midnight Saturday, I’ll throw in a copy of Blushing for free. Just click RIGHT HERE. Be sure to leave a message (on paypal) when you order if you’d like them signed for someone special.

And if you have a blog and would like a free copy to review on said blog, e-mail me with your name, address, e-mail, and blog address, and I’ll add you to my Blogger-Reviewer List. The fine folks on my First List finally got their copies today–hooray!

And if you’ve read it and want to leave an Amazon review, that would be swell.

I think that about covers it (and then some). Thanks for humoring me, friends. Have a beautiful weekend!

20 thoughts on “bun in the oven

  1. Tara Foster

    Wow! I can’t wait to see this book!! I went to church with Kathy Kicklighter years ago and, sadly have lost touch with her. I remember her as an amazing artist and I’m sure she has done beautiful work for you! Congratulations to you and to Kathy!

  2. Kim

    I can’t wait to buy your book, and believing that I will be able to some day soon. You see, someone very near and dear to me is “trying” and that’s all I can say about that. Anyway, your book will be the first gift I get her, hopefully the Lord blesses her soon!! I’d buy it now, but somehow, it seems like I’d jinx it or something. I know that is silly, but still! I pray you are selling many and the Lord continues to bless you!

  3. Conny

    I’m excited to check the book out….while I’m wishful it was for ME and my long-awaited 3rd child after a miscarriage 6 years ago, I am now thinking of my sis-in-law who also miscarried but is now expecting again….Thanks for being aware of those with empty wombs & arms. I am sure God will use this book for great things, as He already is! God bless – have a great weekend!

  4. Kristen

    WAs I on that first list…I have two OTHER books 🙂 😉 Can I be on the second list if they never succeed at sending me the RIGHT book?

  5. Sarah

    That’s awesome! Go God (and you, too)!

    Love the idea of Grandma-to-be reading through the book! I think that might be a good way of breaking the news… which I will hopefully get to do in the next few months. My Mom and MIL are both great prayer warriors so that would be right up their alley.

  6. Jennifer

    How exciting! We were in tiny little Wichita Falls, Texas this past weekend and found three of your four books on the shelves of the Mardel’s store there. We did some rearranging so that they were all up front and center. 😀

    I’m still reading through my copy of Expecting. I wish you had written it about three years earlier! 😀 I’m planning on doing reviews on Amazon and CBD when I finish.

  7. Valerie

    Sounds like that book is doing awesome…and you should definitely be proud!! Unfortunately I have no reason to read the book at this point in time; but there is a local pregnancy crisis/education center in my area if you’d be interested in distributing to them- Heartbeats of Licking County. I don’t have an address but I could get it if you’re interested…. or I could deliver them for you either way.

    Well I should get back to my schoolwork…. I have all online courses this quarter and let me tell you it’s nice to do work in jammies and not have to drive downtown in rush hour. That’s about the most positive thing I’ve got at this point…. more info on the saga of Val is on my blog.

    Hopefully we get to meet up again really soon…. 🙂

  8. Kori (PrincessSpider)

    I just got mine!!! I may need a couple more. We have a crisis pregnancy center in town and I’ll see if there is a way they could use them, well I know they could use them it just depends how they have things set up.

  9. Erin

    Marla…this is sooo cool. Congrats on the book doing so well. How neat to see your book propped up at the library. I always think highly of those books…they have to be good in order to get there right?? And to have Lifeway recommend…so cool. You’re on your way to far exceeding that 6,000 copy number this year. You have a lot to be proud of…God has given you and incredible ability

  10. Mary

    Marla! MY baby was published at the same time too!!! I never even thought of that. You probably wish I hadn’t…but kinda neat nonetheless 🙂

  11. krisha Fansler

    Marla, I just got chills down my spin reading this post. I am so proud of you and excited to hear that the newest book is doing well. You definitely have a gift! It’s great to see you using it and for God’s kingdom. Keep up the good work. You rock!!!!!

  12. Marla Taviano

    It’s okay, Peter. You don’t have to be impressed. 🙂 Some authors sell 6,000+ copies in 3 minutes. Most days I don’t even consider myself a “real” author, so it’s big to me.

  13. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    As you know, I got my review copy yesterday and I am just bowled over with how amazing Expecting is! I’ll have my review up soon – I want to be able to do justice to the awesomeness!

  14. Momma Mango

    A really good friend of mine just found out TODAY that she and her husband are expecting their first baby after 8 years of trying! I’m SO excited for her! (And we get to be pregnant at the same time, as I am expecting my 4th!) I think this would make a lovely gift for her! She is giddy with excitement and even telling strangers at the mall… so cute. She is also full of questions and in awe of the newness of it all. I’m so glad I saw your tweet and read this post. 🙂 Can’t wait to read (and gift) it!

  15. Peter P

    Marla, I owe you an apology. I read that you have sold 6,675 copies of Expecting in 3 months and I wasn’t that impressed.

    I have now been thinking about it and that is a fantastic achievement. Congratulations!

    To think that 6,675 people have paid money for something which you wrote is incredible. that’s the equivalent of over a tenth of the entire population of the town I live in. 1 in 10 people is like 1 book for every 3 or four houses. That’s an amazing number of books.


    and praise the Lord!

  16. Lindsay C.

    Hey Marla! I just happened to see the current blog link on Facebook and thought I would check it out. Congrats on all the great work! I had no idea!

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