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I don’t know that I have ever been to a book signing. I can only think of a handful of authors I would really care to meet. And if it meant standing in a long line at a bookstore, I can’t say that any at all would make my list.

So, here I am, getting ready to go to my first book signing on Saturday. And the author is ME! So, if I (an avid reader) don’t even want to go to a book signing for someone really wonderful and famous, why would anyone want to come to a book signing for ME?

I don’t quite have the answer, but I am very, very thankful for people who love me and have expressed their desire to support me in this new, crazy thing I’m doing–writing books. Well, the writing part is not new, just the getting published part.

On the one hand, I’m afraid no one will come except for a handful of my blood relatives. And Amanda, Courtney, and Cami–three dear friends who have promised to show up.

On the other hand, I sent out a lot of postcards advertising the big event, and if half of those people would happen to show up, they might not fit in the bookstore all at once. 

The bottom line is this: I am praying that God will use this however He sees fit. If no one comes, I pray that I will not be discouraged. If hundreds come, I pray that I will be overwhelmingly grateful and humble.

If you’re interested, it’s at Logos Bookstore. 1062 Upper Valley Pike, Springfield OH from 1-2 pm on Saturday, March 25th. I also have one at Cedarville University Bookstore on Tuesday, April 4th from 1-3 pm and at Gifts of Joy in Lima on Saturday, April 29th from 11am-1pm.

I’m excited to see how God will use this. At the very least, I hope to meet some new people and share some encouraging words with them.

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  1. YoYoYoder

    Marsy! I can’t wait for your book signing! I put your poster on the door of our church library. I should probably make a note that you are my sister so that people aren’t like, “Huh? Who’s Marla Taviano??” I’ve never been to a book signing either, but I’m super excited to come to yours! Whoever is in Logos from 1-2 will see all of us raving about your book that they’ll just HAVE to purchase it (and have it autographed by you as well). I’m going to invite the entire Peters family. March 25th is Jessica’s due date, though, but so far she hasn’t had any contractions and she thinks they made her date a little early anyway. I’m so excited for you! (And I’m pumped about seeing you again!) love ya!

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