I’m a lazy blogger. Pure laze. I don’t have the energy, the patience or the gumption to come up with the brilliant, poignant, essay-type stuff that would expand your horizons, convict your spirit, encourage your heart or stretch out your brain cells.

Part of me would love to write stuff like that on here, but truth be told, I’m drowning a little. Overwhelmed by what’s on my plate (and on the floors, the counters, my desk). A teensy bit overloaded–physically, mentally, whatever other ways there are to be overloaded.

I’m in the middle of a lot, and none of it is really getting my best. Leftovers, lots of leftovers.

I just finished reading Expecting. (did I already write about this?) I liked it a lot. I wish I’d have read it when I was preggo. 🙂 I’m praying God uses it to touch lots of women’s hearts. A good bit of it comes straight from God’s Word, so I know it’s not going to return void. That’s exciting to me. I’m hoping lots of unbelieving expectant mamas will be led to Jesus through it too.

The thought of launching into the promotional part of it all is a little less exciting. Daunting. Exhausting. Yowzers. It’s part of what I do though, and once I get in the swing of things, it turns out okay. It sure would be swell if books could just sell themselves. I could just write a book, then sit back and play Pathwords on Facebook, eat something yummy, and dream about getting a new dishwasher.

I just read a really glowing review of the book from a gal who read it before I did. She summarizes it better than I ever could. If you’re wondering what it’s all about and if it’s something you want to invest your $ in, you should definitely read her review. I didn’t ask her to write it, didn’t pay her to write it, don’t even know her. Thanks, Deena, for your kind words!

Sea World pics coming soon! I love these pics! LOVE Sea World! I probably won’t do a caption contest for that one, but definitely for the Tampa Zoo. I’ll give you a little more time for the J-Ville Zoo Caption Contest. Gabe already read over the comments and has a front-runner picked out. 🙂

I extended the Expecting pre-order special until Thursday. It’ll be $10 until then, and then the price will go up to $13. I’m expecting my first shipment tomorrow, so I’ll mail out the books you’ve ordered asap.

Some cute (rambunctious) little girlies need to get to bed, so I’m signing off. To all a Good Night!

7 thoughts on “blogger-sloth

  1. jbnygaard

    Oh dear….you’re almost out of copies??? I’ve been slacking on getting my pre-order in…and espcecially after reading that AMAZING review….I am itching to read it!!

  2. faithchick

    i hear ya.  i have great essays in my head.   but, then they come out as bullets somehow!  but, no matter the format, it’s still great to read about your life, so don’t let it get ya down. 🙂 

  3. mtaviano

    @KmHunsberger – Do you mean send me a check? Anything is fine. I’m actually almost out of copies at the moment, so if you want it super soon, Amazon would be best (but you’d have to pay shipping). I’m so proud to know you too. 🙂

  4. KmHunsberger

    My paypal isn’t working and I have to leave for work right now. I work until 11pm tonight and back at it tomorrow…if I get a chance to have Jon fix whatever the problem is, I will go ahead and go through pay pal. If not…can I order direct from you? Does that affect your quota?

  5. SuperGirlAmelia

    Blogging is whatever you want it to be. That’s the fun of it. We love staying in touch with you. Give us your brilliance in paper form that we’ll keep in our homes forever 🙂 Can’t wait to see Expecting! I’ll pick some up later this month for gifts – right now I’ve got birthday duties or I’d catch your sale 🙂

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