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I wanted to give away a few copies of Worlds Apart, but then I thought the winners might feel bad for reading the book and not donating any money to missions (some of you are thinking, “sure, but I’d get over it.”)

Then I thought of a way to solve that problem. I’ll tell you in just a sec. First, a little synopsis of the book.

Worlds Apart is a tale of two college friends who take different paths after graduation, then reconnect a few years down the road. Anne marries her college sweetheart, and they move to Cambodia as missionaries. As the story begins, Anne is expecting baby #2 in 2 years. Carly gets a job right out of school and does the bar scene for a couple years before meeting Ben, now her husband.

Carly contacts Anne for help with her Master’s project–a study on the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship. Neither friend has what could be called a healthy relationship with her husband’s mom. As Carly works on her project and surveys lots of mothers- and daughters-in-law, some crazy stuff happens, things that neither woman ever would’ve expected. Somebody gets some bad news, someone has a huge scare, someone gets the surprise of her life. And that’s just in the first 10 pages of the book.

In 10 months’ time, God does an amazing work in the hearts and lives of both friends, their husbands, and their mothers-in-law. After all they go through together, none of them will ever be the same.

So, I’m giving away 5 copies of Worlds Apart, and each of the 5 winners? Gets $20 donated to the missions project of his or her choice. Cool, no?

Here’s how you enter:

1. Tweet about The Worlds Apart Project or put it on your Facebook status or mention it on your blog or tell 5 people you know (phone, e-mail, in person, by megaphone) about it.

2. Come back here and tell me which of those you did.

3. And which missions organization you want a $20 check to go to if you win. (The only stipulation is that it be an organization or ministry that specifically tells people about Jesus, not just a charity. If you’re not a believer and/or aren’t familiar with any, I can help.)

I’ll randomly draw 5 winners first thing on Wednesday morning. If you’ve already bought the book (thank you!!), enter anyway for the $20 to your favorite missionary!

Here’s a sample sentence you can tweet, facebook, e-mail (feel free to copy and paste as is):

My friend Marla Taviano started The Worlds Apart Project to raise money for world missions. Check out http://worldsapartproject.com to see just how easy it is to help people in need!

Thanks for helping me spread the word, friends! I’m so grateful to those of you who have bought the book so far!! Don’t pass up this chance to give $20 to a ministry close to your heart!

p.s. Please keep praying for Faith. Her mommy wrote out the amazing story of her birth (if the doctor would’ve had his way, Faith wouldn’t have survived past her 24th week in utero). Praise the Lord for how He’s already been working in her sweet life!

35 thoughts on “wanna win something cool?

  1. Bethany

    I just put it as my Facebook status.

    I would like to donate my $20 to our Seeds of Hope Orphanage in Cambodia that our church sponsors.

  2. Amy

    I tweeted (why do I always feel like I should say “pardon me” after that?). I would love to share the $20 with Off-Campus Ministries, an offshoot from our church that brings church outside the walls of a traditional setting to meet people where they are. We have weekly church services in apartment complex clubhouses, as well as one storefront church. It’s awesome because people who can’t get there on their own (like children, or people with transportation issues) can gather to hear God’s Word, as well as get clothes and food at the same time. The storefront even has a free afterschool program that Hannah and Becca participate in. We love this program!

  3. Tara

    I tweeted. =) I would love to read this! I would want the donation to go to Mercy & Truth Medical Missions. This amazing ministry is spreading God’s love through healthcare locally and Internationally.

  4. Gina

    I just blogged about it at The Point, the blog at BreakPoint, which is part of Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship Ministries. If I may, I’d like to ask for the donation to go to PFM (if we’re allowed to ask for donations to our employers).

  5. Tanya Dennis

    This is fantastic! I tweeted about it and put it in my facebook status. I would give to The Seed Company, a branch of Wycliffe, because without Bible Translation, the rest of it is just a start. People NEED to have God’s Word in their own language if they are to know Him.

  6. Denise

    Posting on twitter now! I think my mission would be Asia’s Hope for sure. I just adore what they do and love that we have our own missionary in Cambodia right now!

  7. Stonefox

    Love this, Marla! Thanks for being missions-minded 🙂 I have something slated this week on my blog or I would have blogged about it, but I’ve emailed 5 friends! Of course I would love $20 to go to my sending agency, The International Mission Board (IMB). Thanks for the chance!

  8. Rachelle

    I posted about the Worlds Apart Project on fb. My favorite mission is Amazima Ministries International
    “Amazima Ministries operates a sponsorship program for 400 orphaned children. These children are provided an education, school supplies, 3 meals a day, and medical care. They are also provided with spiritual encouragement and attend a weekly Bible study/fellowship program.”

  9. Amy Higby

    I tweeted! (@higbymama)
    I’d ask for the money to go to Project Medsend. The pay off medical school debts of doctors so they can get on the mission field sooner.

  10. Karen

    I tweeted! (@awordsmith) What a a great giveaway–the book sounds great! I’d love the donation to go to Compassion International in Haiti.

  11. Ang

    You’re all over facebook, girl. Excited to read the novel! I’d love money to go to World Relief (specifically supporting Haiti Earthquake relief). Or I could have it go to the Taviano’s reaching Oregon in 2010 fund…whatev.

  12. Melanie Miller

    Put you on facebook, Marla! This is a great idea. I would love to send $20 to One Mission in Mexico where my brother and sister-in-law are now. Check it out at OneMission.us


  13. Susan

    I posted on Facebook. I never win, and my baby is screaming. If I do happen to win. I’ll come up with something, and hopefully he’ll be done screaming at me!

  14. Anjanette

    It is on my facebook page.
    I would like the money donated to Benji and Erica Jenkins. They are missionaries from our church who are trying very hard to get back to PNG. They run a college there to help the residents become pastors.

  15. Lisa @ fulfilling my purpose

    I put it on Facebook. We support Compassion. We have been supporting a little girl in Uganda for the past 12 years. She’s all grown up now–can’t believe it!

    Thanks for doing this, Marla. What a great way to support missions.

  16. Sarah Montanye

    I posted on Facebook! I would love the $20 donation to go Camp Homealni. A Christian camp in Hawaii that ministers to underpriviledged kids. What an AWESOME idea Marla!

  17. Laurie

    I posted a tweet about Worlds Apart and would love to use the $20 donation for our church’s summer mission trip to Romania

  18. Sarah

    I posted it on Facebook. I would like the $20 to go towards Team Hope, a group of runners and walkers who participate in marathons to raise money for Asia’s Hope (I think you are familiar with their ministry) and GROW Thailand, an organization that rescues children who are at risk of being sold into the sex trade and provides them a home and teaches them about Jesus.

  19. Kimberly

    Twitter and FB, I already bought it, so I don’t need a copy, but I’m loving it and would love for the money to be donated to missions 🙂 Anyway, I’d tweet it for you just ‘cuz I like ya!

  20. Ali

    I tweeted! And I just told Nina and Henry about it using the show-and-sing karaoke toy microphone. Nina looked at me confused, and then Henry took the microphone and tried to make Harper eat it.

    Oh, and my favorite ministry? Anything having to do with Cambodia and orphans and Jen Morgan.

    Thanks, Marla.

  21. Rachel

    I posted on facebook. I would love to win a copy of your book as well as a donation to IDES (www.ides.org). Thanks so much Marla! Enjoying your novel 😉

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