word sabbath #7

14 thoughts on “word sabbath #7

  1. jessifaithchickinalina

    Look at Livi!! So OLD!! goodness.

    Matt’s looking at these with me…I know you’ve told me before, but the answer didn’t stick in my brain….tell me again about the lens you use in most of your pics

    Now that mine is BROKEN!!, we’re going to start looking for a new one. So…is there something special about this one b/c your pictures seeem SO CRISP compared to ours with our old (BROKEN!!!) lens. ANd it looks like you don’t have to use the flash ever (i hate the flash).

    details would be much appreciated.
    happy sunday!
    <3 you!

  2. Stephanie

    I love those beautiful girls SO much! I want to see them and squeeze them and hug them RIGHT now.

    The picture of Ava reminds me of a few pictures of myself around that age…..rolled up socks stuffed inside a tshirt, anyone?

  3. Ali

    Oh boy – I see a bra. Don’t tell me it’s already started. Gabe, let me know if you need to invest in a gun. Matt can get you a discount. You might need one when the boys start knocking down your door – your girls are going to be heartbreakers.

  4. Joyce

    Such beautfiul little girls you have…that littlest one has a twinkle in her eye that makes me think she’s got loads of personality to go with it. Have a lovely restful Sunday.

  5. Martha

    That is a GREAT picture. Love it. And besides being so cute and kind.. they all look exceedingly honest and trustworthy!! You all can come stay again here Anytime.. my endorsement remains stedfast. Praying for your strength and for a fruitful day today.. for you and for Gabe and those beautiful littles

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