word sabbath #5

13 thoughts on “word sabbath #5

  1. Missy

    Livi has your smile and all the girls have your eye scrunch in that last pic. Of course, maybe when people scrunch their eyes that’s just what happens.

    I was home with the two kiddos today, too. We could have Skyped and had combined worship. 😉

  2. Marla Taviano

    These pics are all 2-4 years old. I decided to post them because:

    1. I have no pictures from Sick Week.
    2. They are fun and springy. I have Spring Fever.
    3. I can’t believe how fast my kiddos grow.

    Home from church today with feverish daughter (#1). The other 2 stayed home too. We had church in the living room. It was really sweet.

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