word sabbath #25

9 thoughts on “word sabbath #25

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  2. Nancy

    Never mind about my question. And for anyone who wants to know, the big green ball is called an Osage Orange. I love Google! I typed in “big green balls that grow in trees” and found my answer!

  3. Nancy

    The green things!! Do you know what those things are called? I had my husband pick some of those for me last year and my friend asked me what they were. I cannot remember and it’s driving me crazy!

  4. Marla Taviano

    I was gone for 8 hours at an out-of-town speaking engagement, so they had Daddy Day. Donuts from Tim Horton’s, a walk in the woods, playing at the park, borrowing books from a new-to-us library, a pizza buffet for lunch and watching soccer on TV. Gabe is such a good dad. Make me melt.

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