word sabbath #12

7 thoughts on “word sabbath #12

  1. Amy

    Oh, that Hannah. She is so hilarious — there is no containing her enthusiasm! One of these days, we’ll have to put her on a plane to come visit you guys. She misses your girls SO much!

  2. Kaye

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing.
    I have to know where you met Amanda! I think I see something I recognize in the background????
    Blessings today and every day.
    We miss you all,
    Matthew 21:22

  3. Colleen

    Marla is that Amanda, Beth Moore’s daughter in pic #2? I’ve been following Melissa’s posts on her Compassion trip to India…how fun! LOVE the first picture too…personality shines through!

  4. Elizabeth

    That first picture is awesome!! Girlfriends are the best in the world-there’s nothing like them.

    And I am so happy to see my sweet girl’s face in the third one. She loves, loves, loves Livi and Ava. They need to have another slumber party soon, don’t you think?!

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