word sabbath #1

12 thoughts on “word sabbath #1

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  2. Stephanie

    Your girls are so beautiful! And it looks like they have a lot of fun together.

    We have a 2-year-old little girl and another one on the way (due in March) and I can’t wait to watch their friendship blossom. Hooray for sisters!

  3. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    Is that a Mary Engelbreit calendar (a holdover from last year) I spy on the wall in the first shot? Mmmm hmmm . . . that’s what I thought. Have to have mine every year.

    Your girls are GORGEOUS. Oh, for the blonde tresses. Lovely!

  4. Jamie Nygaard

    The last photo is just down right hilarious! Ava…looks so….Ava! And Livi…well….she is just looking more like a young lady every day!!! 🙁 Why does it make me sad when they aren’t even my own children?!?!

  5. Sweet Pea Chef

    Hi Marla! So glad I found your blog…I loved your talk when you came to our MOPS group at Upper Arlington Lutheran last year. Your girls are beautiful. Enjoy this sunny day!

  6. Ang

    First of all, I’m in love with your girls. Second of all, I’m in love with your camera. Third of all I’m pretty convinced that Ty and Nina would make a deliriously happy couple someday, and plan to talk to you more in the future about your opinions regarding an arranged marriage.

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