unschooling: words to live by

“Only head this way if God is really calling. He calls other good and right ways too.” –Ann Voskamp

(Enjoy your Sunday! Stay tuned tomorrow when one of my kiddos takes over the blog!)

2 thoughts on “unschooling: words to live by

  1. Bethany

    I love that! I need to be careful in my excitement about where God is leading OUR family, that I don’t think I am right or better than someone who is choosing something different. I want to encourage people to read their Bibles, pray, and seek GOD’S direction and leading in their lives (not mine). God knows our futures and He knows how He wants to use each of us in that future. And we are many parts of one body doing many different things in the joint effort to lead others to Christ. I don’t want to inspire others to copy me, but to follow Jesus, surrender to Him and obey where He leads.

    For me, that was letting God lead us in our family’s educational choices. I always assumed I would send my kids to public school, but decided when Isabelle was 1 or 2 years old that I should at least pray about it and be willing to obey wherever He led. Now I am starting my first year of homeschooling and I am still GIDDY and I love learning along with Isabelle and I can’t imagine not experiencing this with her at home! I am so glad I started praying and followed God’s leading even though at the time it seemed so new and scary and I didn’t know a whole lot of people who were doing it.

    1. Marla Taviano Post author

      That’s why it was so hard for me to write/finish this e-book. I didn’t want to give the impression that you had to choose OUR way to be awesome.

      I loooooove how excited you are about homeschooling Isabelle. xoxoxo

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